How would you like to virtually enter the Bible and experience its wonderful stories from an innovative point of view?

The land of Israel is where the vast majority of the Bible takes place. It is a small land, but its diminutive physical size masks its massive historical and spiritual importance. We would like to invite you to explore the sacred terrain of this special land. Over the course of 30 sessions, we will examine the role that the land of Israel plays in many well-known stories found in the Bible, both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospels, from Abraham to Jesus. We will then analyze how the spiritual meaning of each one of these stories is more powerfully understood once the historical and geographical context has been exposed. Place matters! Knowing the Bible's historical and physical setting is absolutely key to accessing the Bible's spiritual significance. Our goal is that, at the end of the course, you will have a tangible understanding of the people, places and lifestyles of the biblical land of Israel. Enroll today to our exciting new course:

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