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15 Things You Won't Believe Were Said in Hillary Clinton's FBI Interview

Hillary Clinton
There were a number of damaging details found in the FBI's investigative reports regarding Hillary Clinton. (Reuters photo)

The timing of the FBI's release of its interview notes and overall summary from its yearlong investigation of Hillary Clinton was curious—until one read the 58-pages of documentation.

Then it became obvious.

This was material Hillary Clinton really didn't want in the hands of American voters. Here are 10 discoveries made in the documents that will absolutely blow your minds:

  • A few weeks after the New York Times disclosed that Hillary Clinton had a private email account, her archive inbox was deleted.
  • She told FBI agents she didn't know what the now-famous "(c)" mark meant in her emails, and didn't pay attention to the different classification levels, but she insisted she treated them all "seriously."
  • There were 17,448 work-related emails that weren't turned over to the State Department Inspector General.
  • While secretary of state, she had 13 mobile devices and five iPads connected to her private email server—but her lawyers couldn't locate them all.
  • The FBI determined that she broke federal law by bringing her Blackberry into secure areas at the State Department.
  • In 2014, someone used a personal Gmail address to assist with the transfer of archived Clinton emails from a laptop onto a server.
  • She told the FBI she deleted her emails not to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests, but because she "didn't need them anymore."
  • The FBI discovered evidence that someone tried—unsuccessfully—to hack Clinton's iCloud account.
  • Using her 2012 concussion as an excuse—despite claiming concerns over her health were "conspiracy theories"—the phrases "could not recall" and "did not recall" were used, combined, 27 times in the heavily redacted report.
  • She sent out an email to all State Department employees, warning them against the use of private email accounts for work-related communications.
  • She was the target of a number of malicious "phishing" attacks, responding to one of the emails with, "Is this really from you? I was worried about opening it!"
  • Although she was obligated to seek approval for her private email server, she never did.
  • The laptop computer used to archive her emails was sent in the mail, and subsequently went missing.
  • She told the FBI there wasn't a computer in her secured office space in her home, but her aides told the bureau there was.
  • She couldn't remember when she received her security clearance, and she couldn't remember if it carried over from her time as a senator.

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