Arizona Senate Calls for Impounding, Auditing All Voting Machines in Maricopa County


In spite of the nothing-to-see-here attitude of the media, the vote of the Electoral College is formally in dispute, according to part of the legal team for President Donald J. Trump.

In fact, in key battleground states, including Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and New Mexico, alternate electors have been chosen to replace those unlawfully chosen by their state legislatures during the Electoral College election.

The Arizona Senate has ordered seizure, inspection and audit of all ballot counting machines in Maricopa County following evidence of massive cheating using the machines.

Brian Thrasher, campaign surrogate, explains it, saying that with the removal of Attorney General William Barr and the replacement in both the Justice Department and military, he can see the president entering the real war period of this battle. It seems this was the plan all along—to get Joe Biden in office and then turn on him so he can be removed and they can anoint their preferred candidate. Joe Biden is on his way to jail.

Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., said if we do not stand up now, it will end up that those who cheat the best will be elected, and he will be voting against the electors on Jan. 6.

Still in the Courts

Stephen Miller, special assistant to the president, explained, “If the Trump campaign wins additional court cases in the contested states, the alternate set of electors can be certified.” With the head of the Wisconsin Republican Party saying, “While President Trump’s campaign continues to pursue legal options for Wisconsin, Republican electors met today in accordance with statutory guidelines to preserve our role in the electoral process with the final outcome still pending in the courts.”

In October, Reuters published an explanation of the electoral process. When an election is disputed, two sets of electors can be assembled. Basically, both chambers of Congress could accept the same slate of electors, which would almost certainly put the matter to rest. The chambers could also split, which is more likely if Republicans maintain control of the Senate and Democrats hold onto their House majority. If lawmakers cannot agree on a set of electors, the country will find itself in unheard-of territory. In 1876, dueling electors in three states were deadlocked, and a deal was brokered days before inauguration.

The key dates going forward begin with Dec. 23, when the states send the Electoral College votes to the Senate. The count in Congress is scheduled for Jan. 6, with the only actual date mentioned in the Constitution being Jan. 20, when the president is inaugurated at noon.

In spite of these desperate attempts of “the swamp” to push through a narrative, the fight for the presidency continues.

In a discovery in Michigan, a court order helped expose that the Dominion voting machines have a 68% bias built in to switch votes in favor of Joe Biden. Over 70% of Republicans and nearly 30% of the general public in Michigan believe mass cheating has taken place. A growing statewide move of average citizens is creating ongoing calls to representatives to right the wrong.

Leading the Way

“We cannot assume others will do it. Donald Trump can’t win without our help. Each of us must do our part. God demands no less,” says bestselling author of God, Trump and COVID-19 Stephen E. Strang, echoing Acts 5:29, “We must obey God rather than men.”

What has changed the situation has been the grassroots movement of the sleeping giant of believers who have finally begun to stand up, pray, rally, call their legislators and demand that their nation, formed for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, grow closer to the ideal for which it was created. They are asking other believers to fast, pray and go daily at noon to their state capitols, call their legislators and believe God. {eoa}

Amir George is on Parler at Amirgeorge. For information on upcoming rallies, go to [email protected].


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