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What Happened to Christians There Will Come to America

Muslim Prayers held inside the Washington National Cathedral
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The establishment Republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan and the Far-Left Soros-backed open borders crowd would like Americans to believe that unlimited unvetted immigration from Muslim countries has no negative consequences.

Indeed, when confronted with the opportunity to support President Trump's efforts to limit immigration from Syria and other Muslim terrorist hotspots Speaker Ryan said, "That's not who we are."

But maintaining the constitutional liberties that are "who we are" is exactly what limiting immigration from anti-constitutional cultures is all about.

As Giulio Meotti writing for the Gatestone Institute pointed out recently, in ancient times, Algeria and Tunisia, entirely Christian, gave us great thinkers such as Tertullian and Augustine. Two centuries later, Christianity disappeared, replaced by Arab-Islamic civilization.

Is Europe now meeting the same fate?

In the Middle East, "Christianity is over in Iraq" due to Islamic extremism says Meotti; in Europe, Christianity is committing suicide.

Within 20 years, more babies will be born to Muslim women than to Christian women worldwide; it is just the latest sign of the rapid growth that seems to be making Islam the world's largest religion by the end of the century, according to Meotti's analysis of a new study released by the Pew Research Center.

"Christianity is literally dying in Europe," said Conrad Hackett, the head of the researchers who worked on the Pew report.

According to the Pew study, between 2010 and 2015, the Muslim population increased by more than 150 million people to 1.8 billion.

In Europe, how many Christians have been "lost"? Between 2010 and 2015, "deaths outnumbered births by nearly 6 million during this brief period."

At this pace, Christianity will vanish in Europe, observes Meotti.

In the same time frame, in most European countries—including Britain, Germany, Italy and Russia—Christian deaths outnumbered Christian births. "In Germany alone, for example, there were an estimated 1.4 million more Christian deaths than births between 2010 and 2015, a pattern that is expected to continue across much of Europe in the decades ahead," Pew discovered. There are clear patterns of demographic trends, church attendance, closures of parishes and the declining number of priests.

The leftward trend in the elite establishment churches that began in earnest in the 1960s has now driven millions of adherents out of church, even as 83 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians.

Yet, while the vast majority of Americans claim Christianity as their faith, across the Western world, the faith itself appears to be faltering under the stewardship of its elite leaders.

These patterns are why Islamic leaders, such as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have been waging a demographic war against Europe concluded Giulio Meotti. "Have not just three but five children", Erdogan said to Muslims in the old continent. "You are the future of Europe". This plan is called, in Islam, hijra: expanding Islam by migration, based on Mohammad's flight from Mecca to Medina in 622.

And here in America, our church and political leaders, such as Speaker Paul Ryan and the hierarchy of Washington's Episcopal National Cathedral, are not just allowing, but encouraging a similar hijra.

In direct contravention of Christ's words as recorded in John 14:6, the hierarchy of Washington's National Cathedral has allowed Muslims clerics to preach against Christians from the pulpit and worship there on the anniversary of the start of one of Islam's greatest anti-Christian programs.

And Speaker Ryan?

In a rational world, the hijra—a dangerous piece left over from Obama's plan to fundamentally transform America by importing the jihad into our country—would be stopped cold by a Republican majority in Congress.

But this is not a rational world; this is a world run by the personal whim of arrogant Washington insiders, chief among them being Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Ryan has made increasing Muslim immigration to America his special project and has steadfastly fought any attempts by conservatives to slow or stop what a large majority of American believe is an existential threat to constitutional liberty.

Ryan, as many conservatives demanded, could have included a defund in the upcoming must-pass continuing resolution (CR) that would effectively end or temporarily halted the program.

Instead, Ryan has wrongly claimed that restricting Muslim immigration to America was "unconstitutional" and demanded this suicidal Obama policy remain in the budget.

Last year, he offered up a show vote on a standalone bill to address conservative concerns.

Back then, Ryan's cynical ploy to keep funds flowing to the Syrian refugee threat was reminiscent of the ploy used by his mentor, former Speaker John Boehner, to keep the funds flowing to Obama's "executive amnesty" for illegal aliens program.

In each case a standalone bill that would fix the problem was promised to divert conservatives from trying to force Republican leaders to include a defund provision in the must-pass CR.

And in each case the legislation duly passed the House only to predictably fall apart in the Senate when Democrats united to defend Obama's dangerous open borders immigration policies.

This year, Ryan isn't even offering the fig leaf of a stand-alone bill—he's just demanding that conservatives vote to continue funding this existential threat to constitutional liberty.

During the time that the Boston Marathon Bombers and a number of other terrorists who attacked us here in our homeland came to America (from 2000 to 2013 the last year for which statistics are available) some 2,338,013 legal immigrants arrived in America from Muslim countries.

Why does America need over 2.3 million Muslim immigrants? What is the benefit to America? Moreover, what are the risks? Which government agency is vetting who arrives, who gets to stay and who qualifies for US citizenship?

Transferring murder, mayhem and radicalism from dysfunctional Islamic countries to Europe and America, and in so doing voluntarily putting our own citizens at great risk is not a requirement of being a compassionate, open-minded, enlightened and tolerant human being.

Moreover, such questions do not constitute "Islamophobia." Moderate, assimilated Muslims know these kinds of questions are fair minded and entirely reasonable. That is why Egypt and a number of other Muslim majority countries have designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization—as President Trump should.

It is naive to believe that the hijra—Muslim invasion by immigration—encouraged by Turkey's Islamist President Erdogan to destroy Europe is not happening to America.

As we concluded in our columns "America's Suicidal Muslim Immigration Policies" and "Importing Jihad," Islam, as it is today practiced by millions of Muslims across the globe, is inimical to the Western Enlightenment and government based on constitutional liberty.

The Judeo-Christian culture upon which America was founded is under daily attack from an alliance of the anti-constitutional Left and anti-constitutional Islamists. We are in a war of ideas, not just with radical Islamists, but with concepts deeply embedded in Muslim culture. And as long as mass legal (and illegal) immigration from Muslim countries continues unabated we are losing that war.

For more on the demographic trends that have left Christian Europe on the verge of extinction, we urge you to read "Europe: What Happens to Christians There Will Come Here" by Giulio Meotti.

George Rasley is editor of Richard Viguerie's A veteran of over 300 political campaigns, he served on the staff of Vice President Dan Quayle and as spokesman for now-Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Mac Thornberry. He has served as a staff member or consultant to some of America's most-recognized conservative political figures. He is a member of American MENSA and studied international relations at Worcester College, Oxford.

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