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Syria and North Korea Are Definitely Part of 'The Swamp'

President Donald Trump
(Reuters photo)

I see a lot of folks out there who are trying to suggest that Syria and North Korea have become "distractions" for President Trump. Those who would make such a suggestion are either willfully ignorant or purposely trying to deceive their audiences.

Syria, North Korea, Iran, Russia, China ... they're all part of the same swamp the president has vowed to drain. He's not ignoring the swamp by dealing with Syria and North Korea. He's waist deep in it, and he needs our prayers now more than ever.

Let me try to fully explain the quagmire that three decades of globalism have created.

The leaders of Iran, Syria and North Korea constitute a triumvirate of evil who are bent on the destruction of America and Israel. Their stated goal is to do so with nuclear weapons, which they are collectively working with great efficiency to achieve.

North Korea provides the nuclear component, Iran provides the missile component, and Syria provides the means to strike Israel almost without warning. U.N. resolutions and sanctions have done absolutely nothing to stop their advances, particularly when Russia and China determine it's in their immediate strategic interests to turn a blind eye—and it would be naïve to think they haven't on occasion facilitated the illegal transfer of technology.

Russia and China are both desperate to provide challenges to America's status as the world's superpower. As a result, they fight a proxy war with our allies through the triumvirate, keeping U.S. assets busy dealing with these little fires on a regular basis.

Iran further complicates matters by providing direct support to Hezbollah and Hamas to stir up trouble with Israel. It's not enough to provoke all-out war, but just enough of a hassle to force American assets to divert their full attention from China and Russia.

Now, let's turn to the Deep State for a moment. In most reports I've seen, they talk about the shadow government as though it is a single entity working against the Trump administration. In reality, there are two parts, which are currently working together against their mutual threat.

The liberal-socialist wing, which has deep ties to the former Clinton administration, is well connected with Russia. The conservative-statist wing, which has deep ties to the former Bush administrations, is better connected with China.

That brings us to what most armchair observers consider "the swamp": the D.C. political establishment. In reality, this is just skimming the surface of the bigger problem—or, as I would put it, the outward symptom of the deeper malignancy.

The Bush and Clinton families have deep ties here, as well. So, is there really any wonder why both have been so viscerally antagonistic toward the new presidency? President Trump, in short order, is threatening to dismantle everything they've built over the past 30 years.

And that's why you need to be praying for him—right now.

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