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This Nation Doesn't Just Need a Reformation, It Needs Deliverance

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The state of this nation is far worse than what many have imagined. Public outcry continues to build as corruption is exposed and back-room deals are revealed. We are now past the point of simply electing honest leaders or redefining our laws through conservative legislation. The sins of this nation are no longer simply wrong choices or liberal ideology. They are demonic strongholds that must be uprooted and displaced by radical obedience, unity in purpose and a God-ordained authority from heaven.

Those who minister in deliverance understand the principles. Oftentimes when someone has a stronghold in his life, we first look at his belief system and the lies and wounds of the past in order to heal the cracks in his spiritual formation. The presenting issues usually uncover deeper ungodly roots that must be addressed first in order to gain freedom. If we see progress and freedom come by identifying these roots and "converting" these ungodly beliefs into truth, we rejoice at the turn-around and subsequent godly fruit.

However, there are times when the stronghold is no longer just a bad habit that can be broken by changing patterns. When continual sin has taken root and an individual has allowed it to manifest and grow, it opens the door to a demonic force that now holds them captive to this sin. You can tell it's a demonic stronghold when even prayer and confessing the Word no longer bear fruit. It is at this point that deliverance is the only way out. Because of the ongoing disobedience, the demonic hold has been given legal access to the individual and will not let go without displacing that legal foothold. It starts with repentance and uprooting ungodly beliefs, but also requires heaven's authority over that root issue in order to break free.

Our nation is at this point. Four years ago, we may have had an opportunity to change the collective mindset and worldviews of our citizens by electing a president with, at least some, moral and biblical integrity. That didn't happen. Christians did not engage in the process by voting, nor was there the level of corporate ownership and prayer that was able to tip the scale. Now, four years later, the strongholds have become so entrenched we are now being held captive by forces that cannot simply be legislated away by laws. It is no longer simply "voting our values." It is breaking covenant with the enemy.

Many of the presenting issues that Christian believers are concerned about are simply the fruit of these ungodly roots. Abortion, same-sex marriage, racism and other issues are the results of stronger and more powerful demonic forces at play. Manipulation, Deception, Greed and Pride are but some of the underlying roots, with one of the biggest ones being Control, which is spiritual witchcraft.

These forces have been at work for decades, slowly digging into the foundations of our nation and taking hold while the church at large has been preoccupied with building man-made kingdoms and divisive theological camps. Many have not spoken up out of fear of rejection by others who would call them extremists. Thankfully, it's not too late. Christians are finally engaged, praying, watching and hopefully learning. The level of corruption in our government is not only political but spiritual. The underlying network and systems of global domination by corrupt leaders are only being fed by demonic forces. We cannot bury our heads in the sand any longer.

I believe God has raised this nation up to be a signpost to the nations of the world. History has already shown that when America does or says something, others follow. There is a prophetic mandate on this nation, and God is giving us an opportunity to experience a kind of deliverance that will usher in God's glory so that all will know that He alone is God. Though we only have one Deliverer and Redeemer, the Lord has also been preparing leaders for this very hour. There are those who have a mantle of authority on them from heaven to address these specific strongholds, not controlled by any party, movement, pocketbook, or people group. These prepared leaders are not bound to a fear of man that would snare or trap them. They cannot be swayed by the shifting winds and doctrines of the times but will set their faces like flint to accomplish what needs to take place. Some of these leaders are not even Christian, yet. God alone knows the heart of man and who will be flexible in His hands to accomplish His purposes.

This is not just a national issue. It will have worldwide implications. We haven't seen the worst yet. God has been answering our prayers and has been at work preparing the kind of leader who is going to be needed in the days to come. His favor is already at work if we dare to see it. I pray we recognize what God is doing and start working together, through our prayers, our words and our actions.

I believe God has already decided who the next president will be. Our prayers, however, will determine what kind of president he becomes.

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