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Why These Prominent Pastors Are Clinging to Acts 17:26

Panelists at the 'Healing the Racial Divide' press conference.
Panelists at the 'Healing the Racial Divide' press conference. (Facebook)
As God created humanity in one blood, so, too, should be the church. That is the mission of Reconciled Church, which hosted a press conference earlier this week to discuss the church's urgent need to repent for not standing up against the injustice of racism.

"I have seen politicians, civil rights leaders and Hollywood celebrities attempt to address this issue of racism but their efforts have failed. Honestly, I have not seen church leaders that have national influence gather and work together to address and resolve the issue of racism in our nation. We the church could be catalysts to start a movement that could bring revival and reformation in America. Racism is not something that can be resolved by legislation that forces people to accept one another, but racism is a spirit that can be overcome only by accepting one another through God's love at work in people's hearts," says Pastor Herman Martir. Matir is the president of Asian Action Network, president of Emerging Leaders Network and Asian American Advisory council member for President Trump.

The conference was held on Aug. 28, 2017, the 54th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech and a few weeks after disturbing racial riots erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Matir was on a panel that featured several prominent Christian leaders and pastors, including Alveda King, Jim Garlow, Mike Berry and Harry R. Jackson.

King is an evangelist and the founder of Priests for Life.

Garlow is the senior pastor at Skyline Church in San Diego, California, a New York Times best-selling author and a member of President Trump's Faith Advisory Board.

Berry is the founder and president of JustU Foundation, a teaching elder of Common Ground Friends in Annapolis, Maryland, and a descendant of Maryland abolitionists.

Jackson issued an appeal to heaven that declared racism as America's original sin. Many of the panelists added their names in support.

"Bishop Jackson is courageously leading so many of us to not only grasp the seriousness of the situation, but to take concrete action on it. He is doing his part to head off a national disaster. I look to him to guide me, help me, instruct me. I thank God for him!" Garlow tells Charisma News.

"I fully support that we must come together as Christians in America at this season at this juncture and we must support an effort of reconciliation there again is the one blood one human race," King says. "I do not believe that we can have racial reconciliation until we do what my uncle Martin Luther King, Jr. said and that is, 'We must learn to live together as brothers'—and I add as sisters—'or perish together as fools.'"

To the panel, the multi-ethnic press conference symbolized the American church's commitment to eliminate racism and foster revival.

"God is calling each of us to get out of ourselves and to challenge ourselves, our friends, and churches all across America to reorder our priorities. We are not called to be the greatest church leaders of our time, or build the greatest churches in our nation, state or cities. The mission of the church is to just be the best church on the block, block by block, to have meaningful conversations, to build the relationships necessary to establish trust, present Jesus and work together in finding solutions to our national dilemma. In my view, we have a unique opportunity to bring about cultural transformation and bring an end to racism in our time. But it will require all of us to address 'The Drum Major Instinct' in our own hearts first, before we can bring about change in our nation," says Berry.

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