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Matt Drudge in Rare Interview: 'President Trump is in Danger'

Since ending his television program on Fox News Channel several years ago, Matt Drudge has become a bit of a recluse, even if millions of Americans turn to him for their news multiple times a day.

But every once in a great while, he will stick his head out and make a media appearance, as he did Friday in honor of conservative nationally syndicated talk radio host Dr. Michael Savage's 75th birthday. Getting behind the microphone, it seemed like the investigative journalist never left the medium through which he once commanded an audience in the millions.

What Drudge had to saw to Savage's audience, however, was not entirely joyful. President Donald Trump, he said, is in grave danger because he is "surrounded by traitors" in the government. Despite all other outward appearances, he added, the Trump presidency is "in crisis."

"I do think there is a crisis, on many fronts," he said. "Is some of it of his own making?"

After taking a few calls, Drudge noted that he's trying to help save the fledgling Trump administration from those within it who would seek to do it harm. Most notably, he said, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus—a longtime friend and ally of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)—is a danger to the president's agenda.

The reclusive independent media mogul also said some of Trump's actions have only made matters worse by reinvigorating the liberal mainstream media. He said that prior to last November's election, the media was destined to fail, but it has been bolstered by the coalescence around the "opposition party" mantle.

"I'm getting a little bit nervous about the media situation," he said. "Do you know, the media was near death? The New York Times was hanging on the short hairs. Do you know Vanity Fair was going under? CNN barely had a fraction.

"Trump has saved the media."

Listen to the entire segment in the video clip above.

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