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Stephen Powell: This Is the Third Sign of Outpouring for America

Stephen Powell
Stephen Powell has shared a prophecy that he says the Lord told him is the third sign of outpouring for America. (Video screenshot image)

Last week, Stephen Powell of Lion of Light Ministries shared a new word from the Lord regarding the third sign of outpouring for America.

He shared the word on Facebook, writing:

I was flying home on the plane from Alaska to Charlotte just a few days ago, and as I was coming out of my sleep, I found myself in a spiritual warfare experience. In this visionary encounter, I saw the whole of the United States land mass, and I saw also gold and silver on the land. Then I saw a flag, the American flag spread across it. From sea to shining sea as they would say, this flag covered the land, and it had upon it the blood of the fallen brave warriors who have fought to protect this great nation. Freedom truly has a price.

Then, suddenly I felt the presence of the demonic. My heart began to race, my chest felt tight and my breathing for a moment became hard, and I immediately began to pray in tongues. I could feel as I prayed in tongues a hidden place of power, such a strong anointing coming forth. It was the same power I feel coming out of fasts as I pray afterwards. As I prayed in the spirit it was like the Holy Spirit was warring for me pushing back the darkness. As I looked I beheld a particular demonic symbol coming out of the flag spread across the land, and a voice spoke and said, "The silver and the gold are mine" (the same utterance of the Lord through the Hag. 2:8). But this was not the Lord. I became acutely aware in this experience of a demonic entity working in the United States who has declared itself to be God, not just over this nation and people, but over the money and resources.

As the experience continued I just prayed for a while, silently under my breath on the plane, in tongues. Every now and then I would proclaim, "The blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus." Slowly as I did this, as I persisted in prayer, I saw the demonic symbol begin to fade. Then suddenly it was shattered and I saw the Lord Jesus Christ walking on the land dressed as the High Priest. He was pouring out pitchers of water all over the land, walking over all the states, pouring out this water. I saw him walking all around the states bordering the great lakes; Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York ... these are the places I saw him walk on first. As these states brought the breakthrough for Trump, I believe there is yet breakthrough for the entire nation in these places. But as I watched the water hit the ground, it immediately turned to blood, and this was the blood of Jesus. As Jesus administered his own precious blood all throughout the land, I could hear demons screaming in pain. Such a horrible sound. It sounded like what I'd imagine a large cat, like a jaguar, would sound like if it was dying. There were hundreds of voices, screeches, and screams as the blood of Jesus was poured out all across the land. Then the vision and experienced ended around 2 a.m. on the plane!

The Third Sign

The scene of the pitchers of water being poured out on the ground and turning to blood is one I've seen before in my visions. The first time I saw it was in a night vision in South Africa eight months ago. In this vision, as the water hit the ground and it turned to blood, I heard the Lord say, "This is the third sign." At that time, I was traveling throughout that nation, fasting and praying for the outpouring of the spirit, pressing in for Jesus to receive the reward of his suffering in that nation, that all the work of Satan would be bound and broken among those people. The first time I saw that vision I immediately thought of William Branham's experience with the angel in his 1946 commissioning when was visited and told that he would receive two signs to work wonders in front of the people to "help them believe". I would like to include here, for our consideration of this word, the transcript of that encounter that Branham had with his angel, as it is written in Owen Jorgenson's biography of Branham called "Supernatura." It follows:

"The angel continued, "I am sent from the presence of Almighty God to tell you that your peculiar birth and misunderstood life has been to indicate that you are to take a gift of Divine healing to the peoples of the world. If you will be sincere when you pray and can get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even cancer. You will go into many parts of the earth and will pray for kings and rulers and potentates. You will preach to multitudes the world over and thousands will come to you for counsel. You must tell them that their thoughts speak louder in heaven than their words."

"The angel's face grew stern. "As the prophet Moses was given two signs to prove he was sent from God, so you will be given two signs. First-when you take a person's right hand in your left hand, you will be able to detect the presence of any germ-caused disease by vibrations that will appear in your left hand. Then you must pray for the person. If your hand returns to normal, you can pronounce the person healed; if it doesn't, just ask a blessing and walk away. Under the anointing from God, do not try to think your own thoughts; it will be given you what to say."

"But what if they still don't believe me?" asked Bill (William).

"The second sign is greater than the first. If you will stay humble and sincere, it will come to pass that you will be able to tell by vision the very secrets of their hearts. Then the people will have to believe you. This will initiate the Gospel in power that will bring on the second coming of Christ."

(Supernatural: The Life of William Branham; Book 2, page 168-169).

The angel told him that if he could get the people to believe, that nothing would stand before his prayer, not even cancer. The angel told the prophet that day that as Moses was given two signs so would he be given two signs. But the thing I always thought strange was that the angel only spoke of two signs that day, when the biblical account of Moses' signs being given speaks of three (Ex. 4:1-9), the third being water poured out and becoming blood on the ground.

Branham sought for the third sign in his generation, in what He called the "third pull," but He never saw it. He believed it to be the teaching ministry which He longed for later in his life, but I personally don't believe this was it. I believe that Branham's ministry and signs to the earth for his generation were incomplete, lacking for his time, just as Moses' work stood incomplete at the end of his life and the Joshua generation had to take the reins and bring the people into the land. But Branham's work shall be completed in this generation as we carry forward his supernatural ministry of signs, wonders, miracles, and mass harvest in the name of Jesus!

Outpouring for America

What I saw in my vision on this plane ride is what I believe to be the third sign which shall be given in our generation. I believe the third sign is the revival which many have prophesied down through the years, which shall never end. This sign is beyond one powerful prophet's ministry. This sign must be carried by a body of people. I hear the Lord saying:

I shall pierce the hearts of many in this nation as I cause a shift upon the land, for I am awakening the Fierce Finney Anointing for mass harvest in your nation. This is occurring, and lo it shall occur, as nothing can stop this outpouring which I have promised. You think you've seen something, but compared to what's coming, compared to what's upon you, you've seen nothing yet, for this outpouring shall be so mighty, it shall come forth with such power, with such force, it will cause a shift, a massive shift, in the spiritual and economic climate in the west, says the Lord. It shall start around Lake Erie, for this land is a seed-bed for awakening, and I shall awaken wells of revival and outpouring in these regions says the Lord! You shall see it, you shall hear it, for the shouts of "Grace, Grace" are coming forth in this generation, and it shall be for downpour, for outpouring, for a movement, says the Lord. I shall walk throughout these lands, looking into hearts in these revival meetings, in street encounters, and there shall come forth multiplied testimonies of men, women, and children alike, saying, "The Lord looked into my eyes, even into my heart, and my heart was pierced with the fierceness of his love for me, and my heart bowed down on that day, and I was truly saved, not what has been the American way, but the kingdom way, for I am truly changed, and I will never be the same".

I the Lord put a fierceness in the heart of my servant Finney, and it will be seen in my people again today, for with this fierce love will come awakening, and it will not be stopped by the lies of the enemy, by the twisting of his demonic doctrine, for it will be a move of the glory, and my glory cannot be stopped. I am the Lord. You thought the days of factories being shut down were long past, but you shall see it again, as a sign I give to you, that I the Lord have indeed done this, that I have awakened this anointing for harvest in these lands. You shall see places of business, places of commerce, shut down for lengths of time, because redemption has been poured out, and power from on high has hit these places. It will be like Peter's piercing anointing on Pentecost as He spoke to the multitudes that day, and they came away saying, "Our hearts were pierced, and forever we have been changed." This is the word of the Lord!

Water and blood were seen on the cross (John 19:34), as they poured forth from the body of Christ when his side was pierced. The outpouring of the Spirit and redemption began at the cross, as the body of Christ came forth in the earth, as the church was born. In the crucifixion Christ's own spirit was unleashed from within along with the power of the redemption of that cross, and that movement is unstoppable. Three is a biblical number which expresses completeness and perfection, similar to seven. With the signs of Christ seen in the body comes the appearing of Christ in and through his body as well. I believe that Branham, with his humility and his incredible manifestation of the spirit and power of Christ, was a first fruits of what was to come. I believe in this generation there shall be a "completeness", a "fullness", a "maturation" of the revealing of Christ in his humility and power, seen being displayed through a glory company arising now!

We have been bought by the blood of Jesus, and with this purchase we are free from all the demonic bondage, from all the heaviness and oppression of the Pharaoh spirit, and also free to plunder Egypt's wealth. As this sign comes forth it shall be seen upon the land in massive displays of redemption. Revivals, millions of souls being saved, incredible demonstrations of wonder working before the eyes of the people, even displays of kingdom dominion over the spirits of death and cancer shall be seen as the third sign is poured out! Even death itself will be met and challenged, so great will be the redemption poured out for God's people in this day.

I'm believing for America, for my nation, that the blood of those brave warriors poured out as the price of freedom, would not be in vain; that this nation would not be turned over to the oppressor, the jailer, the one who has proclaimed himself a God in the sight of the people, claiming to be Lord even over the money and resources. I'm believing that the Lord Jesus Christ's new breed prophets and warriors will march throughout the land, bringing forth the sign which Branham's generation was not given, for the promise yet remained for a new generation who would come forth to take the land. I believe this land will be taken for Christ, and the redemption of the blood of Jesus will cover the land, and even the silver and the gold would be proclaimed to be our God's, as billions and trillions of dollars are transferred into the hands of kingdom men and women, the harvest becoming fully financed, the enemy's works being choked off and impoverished. This is my heart and prayer, which I have faith for, because the Spirit of Revelation has graciously given me insight into the kingdom of God which is at work in our nation. The word of the Lord has graciously been given and has shown that God has made a way for victory, and for redemption to drop down! Let's join together in this hour and call it forth. Let the redemption of Jesus be poured out and demonstrated through salvation and power. Let the outpouring of the Holy Spirit come to America again, and this time it will never end!


The next day, Powell posted a Facebook Live video in which he discussed the prophecy further. You can see that discussion in the video clip above.

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