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Prophecy: America's Spirit Won't Be Broken

Broken Arm
Prophetic author Andy Sanders has written about a vision he had of a Midwestern man who had many broken bones, but God said America's spirit won't be broken. (Public domain image)

Prophetic author Andy Sanders, who co-authored the Capturing the Supernatural series, wrote an article for Elijah List on Wednesday about a recent vision he had about what the Lord has shared about the enduring spirit of America.

He said he met last month with some friends in his Syracuse, N.Y., home and after a time of prayer, one of his friends said to him that America "has some broken bones" within it, and that just like when a doctor resets a broken bone, the healing process for our nation could be very painful. Two days later, however, after waking from a restful night's sleep, he had the following vision:

I went into the spirit realm and looked over America as if it were laid out like a map. I noticed a badly damaged man lying on the map image across the heartland of our country. I could tell he represented the Midwestern man of our day.

Lying on his back, I could see that his bones had been badly broken. Observing such graphic detail, I started physically feeling slightly nauseated from the sight. (God didn't call me to be a medical surgeon.) The injured man looked as if he had been hit by a semi-truck head-on while he drove a smaller car.

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It was one of those accident scenes you come upon and you wonder if the victims survived. Deeply moved, I fully awoke and then God said these exact words: "America's spirit will not be broken."

Noting that bones are meant to hold up, not break, he recounted a time in his youth when he broke his collarbone, and how the healing process completely altered his lifestyle for nine months. That being just one body part broken and healing, he told his readers to imagine that process affecting several areas throughout the body—all at once.

Then, Sanders wrote:

What Satan tried to do to America was completely shatter her infrastructure, breaking her spirit forever. The bones of America were badly broken over the past decade. Without a doubt, our country and many within have suffered dearly. Satan went after religious freedoms, peace within our land, the economy, politics and just about anything he could get his hands on to destroy. There is one thing that Satan could not do, however; and that is break the spirit of America.

These words are a decree that America's spirit will not be broken. We didn't break then, we aren't breaking now and we will not break in our future. Buildings may have burned, lives lost, the economy badly damaged, the infrastructure disjointed throughout, fires set in cars and on buildings, citizens jailed, mom-and-pop businesses destroyed, families forced out of homes, the elderly neglected, but none of this could break our core—America's spirit!

Though he falls, he will not be hurled down, for the Lord supports him with His hand (Ps. 37:24).

Christianity is the core of America! It's the faith our Founding Fathers based our government and principles upon. You can take a Christian's home, their job, their families and loved ones, freedom, money and the church community, but if you can't break their spirit, you cannot totally break them. America, your spirit did not break.

You may be wounded, badly broken, tired and beat down, but you still have spirit within you. When there is hope, there is a reason to live and fight again. Hope is like an unquenchable fire. America, you are a scepter of freedom and hope to the world. As long as a country has spirit, it has hope. America will rise again, and we will become stronger than before.

Click here to read the rest of the article at the Elijah List website.

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