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Prophecy: 'Even This Week, I Will Shake Your Courts!'

President Donald Trump and Judge Neil Gorsuch
President Donald Trump and Judge Neil Gorsuch (Reuters photo)

Wednesday, Hank Kunneman, senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska, and founder of One Voice Ministries, offered a summary of past words he's shared from the Lord, as well as a new one that demonstrates how God has been at work in America.

He wrote in an article that was shared with readers of The Elijah List:

Prophetic Word Spoken by Hank Kunneman on Sept. 15, 2016:

"I will be a positive irritant to you, America," says the Lord!

"I have chosen," says the Spirit of God, "to arise upon America at this time, and I have come to be an irritant to those who oppose. I have come to be an irritant to those who have mocked and shook their fists thinking that they can push Me out of this nation."

But the Spirit of God says, "I was an irritant to Pharaoh, and so I shall be an irritant in this season too," says the Lord. "And there was a time when I irritated Pharaoh, I needed bold leadership, I needed those who would speak for Me and not for themselves; I needed those who would not have an agenda of their own, and so I sent signs and wonders and raised up those who would carry out My will and so I have found the same.

"Watch what I do to irritate this nation as they suddenly realize that they cannot stop Me. For you are coming into a season where laws that have been penned by the arrogance of men shall swiftly change and there are those who have stood and have said they will continue to push God out of the schools."

The Lord says,"Watch what I do to irritate them to where they have no chance, no choice, for there will be a sound of the young that shall arise across this land, and they will say, 'We want God! We want Jesus back in our schools!' And I will listen to them," says the Lord.

"So now they discuss the health of the candidates, but what about your nation? It has been sick," but God says, "I have heard the prayers of a righteous rebellion and there is coming another revolution, but this one is My doing.

"Watch how I irritate even the media to where I will shake one, I will shake them so violently," says the Lord, "that they will be sold; and then it will be raised up with a different sound that shall come from the network.

"Watch how I, the Supreme God, shall irritate the Supreme Court. Do not think that it is political success that has caused things to be where it is now? It is My restraint. I will have the last say. America, you have entered into a season of Me being your positive irritant. Watch how suddenly things shall change and nothing will stop My hand.

Prophetic Word Spoken by Hank Kunneman on Jan. 4, 2015:

"I will establish righteousness on your courts," says the Spirit of God!

"Watch Me unfold, watch Me pull back the covers! And even in this nation there are things that have been penned with arrogance: legislation and laws that have been signed into being what they thought was permanent. Did they not know that I am the Lord God of all, that I am the Judge of all things? So I will pull the cord and I will expose the legislation and the laws that were meant to afflict this nation. But a great reform has been planned for this time and this season of America.

"Watch what I am about to do, for they say, 'Your court is supreme.' I will pull back and I will shake the courts and I will deal with two that are upon your courts. They will say this is now our opportunity to once again push our agenda." The Spirit of God says, "I will block it and I will establish righteousness upon your courts."

Prophetic Word Spoken by Hank Kunneman on Oct. 26, 2016:

"I will bring compassion on the Supreme Court as it changes" says the Lord!

"Your Supreme Court will change for I am the Supreme Judge." God says, "Watch, for I will raise up, when there is a vacancy of two and then three," the Spirit of Grace says, "there shall be a woman I shall place there at the high court, and this shall be a compassionate woman," says the Lord, "and it shall be her compassion for the right for the unborn to live that shall overturn and topple the laws that have aborted the innocent. What does a nation look like filled with glory? Can you see it? Can you see it?" says the Lord.

Prophetic Word Spoken by Hank Kunneman on Jan. 29, 2017:

"You are experiencing, right now," says the Spirit of grace, "freedom; for this is My promise to you that I am setting My people free this year." And God says, "This promise is not just to My people, but this promise is to America, and this promise is to Israel.

"So let it be known, as I have declared to you before that I would rise up upon this land as a positive irritant to irritate those who refuse to see My plan, to irritate those upon your Supreme Court, to irritate those in the political seats that they hold, to irritate those upon the media—for this is the work of My finger.

"Do you remember the days when Yeshua stooped down and wrote within the dirt and those who were ready to cast their stones upon a woman caught in adultery? But when the Son of God stooped and wrote in the dirt, the writing caused them to be convicted within their hearts as irritation came to them."

And so once again, God is writing upon the dirt of this land! "I am writing upon those who have set themselves to oppose the plan that is before Me and before this nation. Know that I am breathing, I am breathing, for I am the same God that breathed into the dust of this earth and made man, and I am breathing into the dust, the dirt of this land, when men have stood and demanded that I judge.

"Watch as a gentle wind blows throughout the land. Watch how a violent wind continues to blow into specific places and it will be, 'Why is it gentle here and there is even rain there, and why are there violent winds that seem to be shaking this part of a particular region and city?' Because God says, "My breath is blowing gentle where it's received, violently where it needs to be shaken and put in order.

"Watch even this week, I will shake your courts and I'm going to establish as I said before. I am stepping in upon your courts for I am the Supreme Judge. And what I have planned shall now balance your courts, but very soon there will be vacancies again, and I've said to you and say to you again I am breathing upon your courts.

"Do not get caught up in the political rhetoric, for they will fool you with their speaking, but look at the work of My hands and how I will cause the courts now to bring freedom that you are declaring and saying from your lips.

"For there will be rulings in your land, 7-2, 6-3, when I'm done shaking your courts. And there will be laws that have been upon the books for 45-plus years that will suddenly change, they will change for the good and they will change for life, they will change for prayer in the schools, they will change and no longer will they say, 'God' only, but they will say, 'Jesus' and they will say, 'Yeshua' and this that will change will even go forth and bring an adjustment to those upon the media who refuse to utter it.

"And there will be swift changes that take place upon the media, and My wind will blow, as I've said to you before, upon one network I will violently shake it as they've resisted Me, they've lied and they have mocked My name. They will be sold as My wind blows upon them, and when they are raised up they will speak different and they will speak according to My plan."

Lift up your hands and ask God to breathe in you as we declare the wind, the breath, the life of God to breath in you now. Take a deep breath because I can sense it in the air across this nation that it is almost like, as in the day of Noah—when he came out of the Ark and offered a sacrifice unto the Lord and the Lord smelled the aroma. There is a cleansing that has been taking place over the last few years, whether you understand it or not, and there is something that is in the air that is starting to become very pleasing and attractive to God and it's coming from His people!

It started when we prayed and cried out for God to heal our land and God is doing it. What you're experiencing is the work of the Lord's hand! Don't get caught up in the rhetoric of men!

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