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Rick Wiles: Karlov Assassination a 'Deep State Hit'

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov
Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov was murdered during the opening of an art exhibit in Ankara, Turkey, Monday in what Pastor Rick Wiles of TruNews declared a "deep state assassination." (Reuters photo)

In what will quickly become a must-listen-to discussion regarding Monday's assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, Pastor Rick Wiles of TruNews made it clear he's certain he knows who was responsible: President Barack Obama, the CIA and the shadow government.

"Obama and his deep state handlers took out the Russian ambassador," he said during Monday afternoon's episode of TruNews. "If I was a prosecutor, I could get an indictment. Here you have a guy who made a threat and a couple days later, someone's been murdered."

Wiles was referencing last week's speech in which Obama accused the Russian government of interfering on behalf of President-elect Donald Trump—despite having no real evidence—and conveying the threat that the U.S. would take action at a time of his choosing. But the attack wasn't in retaliation for alleged hacking, but instead for two entirely different reasons.


Wiles has repeatedly blamed Obama for creating ISIS as a means to destabilize Syria and lead to a broader global conflict. Putin, however, has stepped in and almost single-handedly defeated ISIS, or as the pastor put it:

"Obama started the war and the Russians ended his military adventure in Syria ... He's smoked about how Putin mopped the floor with his face in Syria."

Wiles and his guests on the show commented about how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had equated a Russian hack to a physical attack on the U.S. during a speech in September and how Vice President Joe Biden had claimed there was already a plan in place to retaliate against Russia. Calling the president "delusional" and a "raving lunatic who has access to TV cameras," Wiles said Karlov's boss, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, was scheduled to meet with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts on Tuesday when the assassination took place.

Shadow Government

Wiles has often claimed Obama is under the control of a shadow government, which is bent on initiating World War 3 between the U.S. and Russia. He said this assassination attempt was another effort by Obama and the CIA to provoke just such a war.

"It was the first thought that crossed my mind," he said. "They're trying to start World War 3. The man wants World War 3, no doubt in my mind. Just look how many things he's tried to do to start it."

Karlov himself was scheduled to be at a special event on Tuesday. He was supposed to meet with U.S. Ambassador to NATO Douglas Lute, who has repeatedly said he sees no desire on the part of Russia to provoke the U.S. or NATO into a war.

Wiles likened the shooting to that of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, which launched World War I.

Existing Facts

Some interesting facts in the matter immediately jumped out to Wiles and his guests. The first was Karlov's standing within the Russian government; he was far from a mere lackey, but a diplomat of the highest standing, holding the same rank in government as his boss, Lavrov.

"This was a Kremlin insider—a very high-level insider," Wiles said.

Secondly, the assassin was identified as a former Turkish secret police officer who had been discharged due to the failed coup earlier this year. Also, based on the audio from the recorded incident, he was fluent in Arabic, Turkish and Russian.

And, finally, the event at which Karlov was assassinated was the opening of a new art display titled "Russia in the Eyes of Turkey." The event was part of a growing relationship between the two countries that had been on the brink of war just a year and a half ago, signaling a new chapter in their relationship.

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