Steve Bannon Shares Victory Strategy During Global Prayer Event

Steve Bannon

During the Global Prayer for Election Integrity/Against Election Fraud, Steve Bannon spoke of the criticality of prayer and persistence to thousands of participants.

Bannon is a former top adviser to President Donald J. Trump who is now with Breitbart News.

“This is a fight we cannot lose,” Bannon says. “If we lose this fight to really secure and close on this massive landslide victory that President Trump won on Nov. 3, we’re going to cease to be a republic.”

Bannon says Trump won a stunning victory because he stood up to the decline of the country, as orchestrated by the so-called elites of the world.

“This fight over the last four years has really, I think, been in the face of the Chinese community party and their allies throughout the world on Wall Street in corporate America and the city of London in Europe and the Middle East,” Bannon says.

The battleground: information in cyberspace and economic warfare. A primary weapon has been a bioweapon known globally as the coronavirus pandemic. Trump has become the focal point of the battle because since becoming president, he has been turning America around, returning the country to the greatness created by the forefathers—a greatness Benjamin Franklin is said to have warned people that they would have to endeavor to keep.

“We need prayer,” Bannon says, noting that the 2016 win was providential and stunning, by a ragtag group.

Multiple Ongoing Issues

There are six states “up in the air,” Bannon says, “six states we overwhelmingly won.”

The states—Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and New Mexico—had close margins, and there are ongoing lawsuits being filed over voter fraud extensive enough to easily push those states red.

The fraudulent activities include mail-in ballots, corrupt counting machines and Democrats making last-minutes changes in election laws and procedures.

“The courts are one element of this,” Bannon says, noting that he believes the Supreme Court is trying to stay out of making a final decision on the election. The constitutionality of changes made at the state level because of COVID-19 defies state constitutions.

Another approach is to look at the states individually and break them down into three areas: illegal ballots numbering in the hundreds of thousands in five states, the fraudulent mail-in ballots with no chain of custody and the problems with the Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines—which will take months or even years to get through—which won’t help between now and when Congress meets again.

How Trump Will Win

Bannon expects the courts to turn election matters back to the states. Between now and Jan. 6, the focus is on providing information and pressure on state legislatures to decertify the electoral college votes and kick them to the House of Representatives.

If the legislature in three states will decertify the results in three states—Wisconsin at 20,000 votes, Georgia at 12,000 votes and Arizona at 10,000, which is extremely doable—the election can be flipped, according to Bannon.

Wisconsin has a path to victory because its elected officials are following the rules. In Georgia and Arizona, the blockage is coming from Republicans who don’t want to stand against the tide.

“This has to happen between now and Jan. 6,” Bannon says, which is when the debate can happen.

Get Biden below 270, and there will be a contingent election, which gives each state one vote. There are enough Republican votes to give Trump the election.

“This fight is far from over,” he told the prayer team Sunday, noting that all the raw data proves Trump won the election. The mathematical anomalies being exposed tie back to the vote counts done election night.

With the clock ticking and Congress scheduled to meet Jan. 6 to finalize the electoral vote, Bannon says, “We need to get this done in the next two weeks.”

“He [Trump] understands the country is at stake; he understands this republic’s at stake,” Bannon said. “He is not going to back down; he will never concede.”

Speaking to Criticality

Bannon is asking Americans to stand and fight for their independence as though it’s 1776, noting that the president hasn’t just put Christians and patriots “in the room,” but he’s given them a voice—evangelicals, conservative Catholics, working-class people and more. He has empowered them all.

Bannon adds, “Now is the time that people, and particularly elected Republican officials in the state and the state legislatures, the governorships and our members of Congress … stand for the Constitution. So besides your prayers, any amount of pressure that you can put on these people is what’s necessary.”

“This is the greatest struggle of the 21st century, and Donald Trump is the instrument, and I would say a providential instrument that has been put here to fight this,” Bannon says. “And that’s why prayer is so important, but prayer without action doesn’t mean anything now. This means action, and quite frankly, everybody’s going to be tested.

“We need people who have not just integrity but have inner steel, who are going to sit there and have Trump’s back,” he adds. “Everybody said, ‘Oh, you’ve got to concede.’ Everybody said, ‘Oh, you’ve just got to run in 2024. There’s no 2024. There’s just now … if we don’t do this, nobody’s going to take it seriously.

“You know God works, the Holy Spirit works, through human instruments, and we’re those instruments, so it’s time to get to work and hunker down,” Bannon says. “Nov. 3 is going to go down as an inflection point in American history. We had a presidential election stolen in the dark of night.”

But Trump doesn’t stand alone. Bannon and the thousands of prayers who supported him as he spoke Sunday are not alone. They are jointly calling on God to expose injustice while also speaking out for elected officials to fight for the democratic process and constitutionality that put them in their positions to represent “We the People.”

The global prayer meeting unites between 4,000 and 6,000 people each Wednesday and Sunday at 8 p.m. (Eastern). To participate, go to and fill out the pop-up by writing “PRAY” in the campaign box.

The group was started by Jim Garlow, co-founder of Well Versed, and Mario Bramnick, pastor of New Wine Ministries. Adam Schlinder provides technical support. {eoa}

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