A Weekend Word: Election 2020 Is Far From Over


I have held off until now in writing a word about the election results, for the simple reason that I haven’t had one. When people have asked me if I had a word from the Lord concerning this, my response has been, “I haven’t asked for one.”

There’s a reason for that too—that’s because it’s hard to prophesy about something you care deeply about. And like many of you, I care deeply about the election outcome and what it means for our nation.

But the other night that changed for me. It was like the heavens opened and the Lord shared some of His thoughts with me—it was as if I could hear His heartbeat. I heard Him say, “This election is a far cry from over. We have to keep praying for these election results—we can’t give up!”

An Invitation

My general sense in 2016 was that Donald J. Trump would win the presidency. I’d had several prophetic dreams which seemed to indicate this, and there were mature prophetic voices I respect which had prophesied he would win, as well.

This time around, I did not have any dreams but, again, I had a general sense that he might, or could win—perhaps even by a landslide. I also had a general sense Wednesday morning (Nov. 4) that things were not finished.

So until now, my stance has been general agreement with the word of some of the mature prophetic voices who are saying it’s not over, and continuing to pray earnestly while encouraging others to do the same.

As I look back now, I realize the Lord gave me Psalm 2 the night of Oct. 26, one full week before the election turmoil began. I have been praying from that Scripture ever since, but it’s obvious to me now I did not understand the full import of what that Scripture represents.

Before I continue with more of what I heard, I want to talk a bit about the prophetic in general. Much of prophecy is conditional, or invitational in nature, meaning it is meant to provoke a decision or response. In other words, God shows you what is on His heart—whether it’s negative, in the form of a rebuke or warning, or positive, as in President Trump winning reelection.

Then, it’s up to the body of Christ to partner with that word, both through prayer and action, so the Lord’s purposes come to pass. That’s why Jesus said in Matthew 16:18b, “I will build My church,” because it would be us—you and me—His body, who would partner with Him to bring His purposes to earth.

Of course, certain prophecies are set, not conditional—perhaps most notably is the example that Christ will return a second time. But even then, a type of conditional tension exists within that prophecy as to just when that return will be.

Concerning Christ’s return, the apostle Peter said we’re to be “looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God” (2 Pet. 3:12a, NKJV). How can we “hasten” the coming of the Lord? By partnering with His purposes through action and prayer.

If Jonah hadn’t prophesied the destruction of Nineveh, the people would not have realized their urgent need to repent. At that point, on the surface, Jonah would have appeared to be a false prophet. But what actually happened was that the people responded so the Lord rewrote the script (Jon. 3:10).

Similarly, there can be a hidden danger in a positive prophetic word like the one that President Trump will be elected to a second term—that is, we can fail to understand the important role the body of Christ plays. It is the Lord’s desire for His church to partner with Him so His intended purposes come to pass.

Comfort—or Chaos?

For some time now, prophetic voices I respect have been saying we are coming into the days where the glory of the Lord will be revealed in all the earth (Hab. 2:14). I, too, have heard the Lord speak of these “glory days” and wholeheartedly believe this word to be true.

In 2019, the Lord showed me 2020 would be known as “the year of the prophet.” There were others who prophesied this, including Bishop Bill Hamon.

With the current turmoil of the election, many people—not just the prophetic community—are hanging onto the prophets’ every word. It’s obvious now that this word is coming to pass, but probably not in quite the way anyone thought.

The Lord shows me the discrepancies in the stories regarding what’s really been going on at the polls and the levels of corruption likely involved have not been without divine purpose. The attempt to steal the election has created a “fast track” for the Lord to display His glory.

I heard the Holy Spirit say, “That’s why He’s letting it happen—so that every nation on earth will fear and praise God.” It’s so that the whole earth will be filled with His glory!

Whether it’s a word about 2020 becoming the “year of the prophet” or a word about the whole earth being filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, maybe we were thinking comfort—God was thinking chaos!

I’d love to close with a reassuring or comforting word, but here’s the closing the Lord gave me. You know how when you’re watching a suspenseful movie, without realizing it you can find yourself perched on the edge of your chair? Maybe God is choosing not to reveal how this whole election story ends, not so that you’ll sit anxiously on the edge of your chair—but so that you’ll fall prayerfully to your knees!

Friends, I think we also need to pray about shortages. I’ve received several warnings about this, but believe wholeheartedly that if we pray—we can avoid further severe shortages in our nation.

Let me say it again; this election is a far cry from over. We have to keep praying for these election results—we can’t give up!

What Satan means for harm, God intends for good—so that the whole earth may be filled with His glory! {eoa}

Diane Lake is co-founder of Starfire Ministries and a minister ordained with both Christian International and Generals International.


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