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This Is Why We Need to Continue Praying Over the Election

President-elect Donald Trump
There are several well-funded efforts underway in an attempt to reverse President-elect Donald Trump's victory. (Reuters photo)

In the minds of an overwhelming majority of Americans, the 2016 presidential is over. They cast their ballots, and President-elect Donald Trump was the winner.

But, as far as the Constitution is concerned, the votes to elect the 45th President of the United States haven't even been cast yet. And, they won't be officially counted until the new Congress convenes on Jan. 3.

Until then, the entire election rests in the hands of a very small number of Americans—538, to be exact—known as the Electoral College.

A small but well-funded group—bought and paid for largely by billionaire George Soros—is working around the clock even now to coerce the electors in an attempt to overturn Trump's victory. Many electors have reported they have been threatened with harm if they vote for the president-elect on Monday, but the liberal mainstream media has ignored those reports to instead discuss the effort to give electors a "briefing" about alleged Russian hacking prior to the election.

That petition effort—funded by Soros and led by the daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)—has grown to at least 50 electors. But only one of them is a Republican elector pledged to vote for Trump.

The liberal mainstream media would like you believe there's widespread disaffection within the GOP ranks over Trump. Stories about "political reprisal" for electors who don't vote for the president-elect are the newest trend, but any such "reprisal" would be the legal consequences of violating the oaths many of these electors took when they pledged to vote for the Republican should he win the election.

Now there's a new Soros-funded effort to add pressure to electors when they arrive at their respective state capitols next week to cast their votes. The group is planning to place protesters outside each capitol on Monday in the hope of "convincing" said electors to vote for someone other than Trump.

Their call to action states:

Trump will only win by means of an overwhelmingly undemocratic election. It is our duty to exhaust every moral and constitutional option to prevent that from happening.

On December 19, 538 electors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia will cast their votes for President of the United States. They are empowered by the constitution to exercise judgement when making their decision. We believe they should honor the principle of "one person, one vote" political equality above any allegiance to an antiquated and archaic Electoral College that is concerned more with the influence of states rather than that of the people. In short, the electors can and should vote the way the people did: Elect Clinton and reject Trump.

This is not a partisan maneuver. If we're going to have the kind of democracy that represents the will and interest of the people, then we need our democratic institutions to produce democratic results. It makes no sense for the candidate who loses the national popular vote to win the election. It makes no sense for the candidate who benefits from massive voter suppression to win the election. If our electoral system does not produce fair and democratic results, then we as a people have to intervene.

In the short term, that means doing everything we can to support electors of conscience from refusing to vote for Trump. In the longer term, it means building a mass movement of civil resistance to abolish the electoral college, end voter suppression and get money out of politics.

This just reinforces the need for Christians to continue to pray over the election and its eventual outcome. Prayer intercessors are being mobilized, but it's up to the entire body of Christ to take action.

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