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Here's What Happened Last Night

Voting in a One-Room Schoolhouse
Voters in several states approved ballot measures that will have deep impacts on their daily lives. (Reuters photo)

The headline running all across America Wednesday morning was that Donald Trump would be the 45th president of the United States.

The backdrop for the New York City businessman's historic victory was the Republican Party's holding onto control of both chambers of Congress. But behind the scenes were many other ballot issues that you might not have heard about.

Here are a few:

In Arizona

Arizonans considered two ballot measures. One allowing for recreational use of marijuana was narrowly defeated. The other, which raises the state's minimum wage and requires paid sick leave for employees, was approved by a wide margin.

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In Arkansas

Arkansans approved a measure allowing for medical use of marijuana and its derivatives. But the provision only applies to specific conditions, and includes strict government regulation.

And in California

There were a number of ballot propositions for Californians to consider yet again this year. One, which requires background checks to purchase ammunition and "large capacity magazines," passed by a margin of 26 points. Another, which allows for recreational use of marijuana over the age of 21, passed with 56 percent support.

In Colorado

Coloradans also took up a number of controversial ballot measures. In addition to passing measures to increase the minimum wage and to replace their presidential caucuses with an open primary, they also approved a measure to allow physician-assisted suicide.

In Florida

Floridians approved a ballot measure Tuesday that allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The provision is limited to "debilitating medical conditions as determined by a doctor."

Meanwhile, in Iowa

In Iowa, judges and Supreme Court justices faces "retention" votes every 10 years. Three of the justices who approved the court's opinion "legalizing" same-sex "marriage" in the Hawkeye State were given a reprieve by voters. No concerted effort to unseat the justices was launched, but they still had the lowest approval percentages among the dozens of judges on the ballot across the state on Tuesday night. In some areas, "no" votes for the three justices exceeded 25 percent.

And in Massachusetts

Voters in Massachusetts approved a ballot measure to allow for "the possession, use, distribution and cultivation of limited amounts of marijuana by persons age 21 and older." It was approved with 54 percent of the vote.

In Montana

Montanans approved an initiative that allows medical marijuana to be prescribed for chronic pain and PTSD. It also repeals the "three patient limit" for health care providers who prescribe marijuana.

In Nebraska

Voters in Nebraska approved a measure that repeals that state's death penalty. It passed with 61 percent support.

In Nevada

Voters approved a recreation use of marijuana bill for citizens over the age of 21. The sale and distribution of the drug will be taxed and regulated by the state government.

In North Dakota

North Dakotans approved a measure that allows for marijuana use to treat medical conditions.

In Oklahoma

Voters approved one measure that declares the death penalty constitutional. They also approved a measure that prohibits the government from using tax dollars to "benefit a religion or religious institution."

And in Washington

Voters approved a measure to increase the minimum wage and to require paid sick leave. They also approved a measure to increase the penalties on identity theft committed against seniors and "vulnerable individuals."

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