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Is Hillary Clinton Too Sick to Be President? This Is Disturbing

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton's health concerns are no longer just a "conservative conspiracy" as many mainstream media outlets have portrayed it. (Reuters photo)

It appears Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's health concerns are far more serious than even the rumors have suggested.

When Clinton's schedule for this week was announced, several news outlets noted that Clinton hasn't scheduled a single weekend campaign event in the month of August. As The Gateway Pundit noted:

Clinton took the weekend of August 6th and 7th off and she decided to take three days off this past weekend August 12th through 14th. She also has no events scheduled to participate in this coming Thursday through Saturday August 18th through 20th. This in essence would mean another three days off after three days of events scheduled starting [Monday, Aug. 15].

Clinton's schedule has never included more than one campaign event each day. In the first two weeks of August, Clinton was only campaigning half of those days. Meanwhile, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has held more than twice as many events and has only taken two days off the campaign trail.

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Then HeatStreet noted that a newly released campaign video—possibly an attempt to deflect criticism over her lack of press conferences during the campaign cycle—shows her being propped up with pillows. Other outlets showed further evidence of her need to be propped up, either with pillows or stools while on stage.

The mainstream media has rushed to Clinton's defense, declaring it a "conservative conspiracy theory"—harkening back to the 1990s and "vast right-wing conspiracies"—but the new evidence is even beginning to concern those who would otherwise come to her defense. Among them: celebrity board-certified medical specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The doctor was invited on KABC's McIntyre in the Morning with the anticipation he would debunk the "conspiracy." Instead, he dropped a few bombshells of his own:

"The fact is she released her medical records some time ago. And if you listened to my show last week, I just called a friend of mine, Dr. Robert Huizenga, an excellent internist/pulmonologist and we just dispassionately sat and evaluated the medical record she had released. Based on the information she has provided, and her doctors have provided, we were gravely concerned—not just about her health, but her health care ...

"Both of us concluded that if we were providing the care she was receiving, we'd be ashamed to show up in a doctors lounge—we would be laughed out. She's receiving 1950s-level care, by our evaluation.

"So, we took a look at her record, and here are the basic facts. She had two episodes of what is called deep venous thrombosis—common problem, blood clot in the leg. She also has hypothyroidism, and she's being treated for that hypothyroidism with something called Armour Thyroid, which is very unconventional and something we used to use back in the '60s ...

"Armour Thyroid sometimes has some weird side effects. So, she goes on Coumadin. That's weird, because Coumadin really isn't used anymore. Now we use Elequis or Xarelto and things like that. Certainly you would think a presidential candidate would get one of the newer anticoagulents.

"Then she falls, hits her head, and the complication of that is something called a transverse sinus thrombosis. This is an exceedingly rare clot. I've only seen one of these in my career, which is a clot in the collecting system for the cerebral spinal fluid.

"It essentially guarantees somebody has something wrong with their coagulation system. Well, she's had two clots, a transverse sinus thrombosis—what's wrong with her coagulation system, has that been evaluated?

"Armour Thyroid is associated rarely with hypercoagulability. So the very medicine doctors are using may be causing this problem—and they're using an old fashioned medicine to treat it—what is going on with her health care? It looks bizarre.

"Maybe they have reasons, but at a distance, it looks really bizarre. There is a standard for people who are going to be leaving the country—who are going to be making these important decisions—again, Hillary may be fine with all of this. I mean, it's dangerous and it's concerning, but it's nothing you can see.

"By the way, there were two other things that gravely concerned us. When she hit her head, she had to wear these prism glasses. That is brain damage, and so that's affecting her balance and clearly it hasn't affected her cognition, but tell us a little more about that. That's profound.

"Then there were two—when they screened her for heart disease, again, they did an old-fashioned screen. It just seems like she's getting care from somebody she met in Arkansas when she was a kid. You've got to wonder. It's not so much that her health is a great concern, it's that the care she is receiving could make it a concern."

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