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Televangelist: God Is Using Donald Trump to Prepare America for Christ's Return

Frank Amedia
Televangelist Frank Amedia told Charisma Media founder Steve Strang that God told him Donald Trump has been anointed to help usher in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. (Video Screenshot Image)
During a podcast with Charisma Media founder Steve Strang last week, televangelist Frank Amedia said God spoke to him about Donald Trump.

Strang said Amedia told him about the experience months ago, and urged his long-time friend to come on his podcast to discuss it. Amedia said it occurred last summer, as he was "feeling challenged" about the 2016 presidential race—with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in the race—and turned to prayer.

"I really was not even thinking about Donald Trump as being a serious candidate, and the Lord spoke very clearly to me and He said to me, 'This man is going to win the nomination and I want you to be ready to serve my cause when I call you.'"

Strang said if Amedia had told him that last summer, he would have asked his friend what he's been eating. He said, at that time, it seemed impossible to him that Trump could win the nomination because "right out of the chute, he was saying things the pundits said was going to be the end of his career."

Amedia said he feels that, above all else, proves the Lord's hand is involved in the Trump campaign.

"Only God can take imperfection and use someone like me and, I won't speak for you, but maybe the vast majority of those who are listening and be able to somehow mold us into a victory in His name," he said. "In this instance, it's not because Donald Trump has heralded his faith or the name of God, but the Lord has put His favor upon him, and how amazing it is that the favor of God can overcome so many mistakes, so many bumbles, so many things that otherwise we would think would destroy somebody in business, destroy them in politics, destroy them in relationships. But yet it's very evident it was the will of the Lord to do this and here we sit now."

Strang noted that it was interesting that their conversation was taking place just as the media was announcing that Trump had secured the necessary delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination. He also noted that, as a podcast, their conversation would hang around "forever" for others to listen to at a later date.

The conversation gained national attention Wednesday after the anti-Christian RightWingWatch published a clip from the full interview.

Strang pressed Amedia further to discuss what he's seeing in the world as God's will is being fulfilled. The televangelist said he had just given a message about a "breaker anointing that has been released over the Earth and in the heavenly places," and that there is now a skirmish underway that will lead to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

"And this breaker anointing is manifesting in so many different facets on Earth today," he said. "One of them is the political realm, one of them is right here in the United States, and I perceive that Donald Trump has been raised up with that breaker anointing to just begin to crush all of the strangleholds that have been placed upon this country. And, let's face it, this country influences the world. And the positions that he's taken, albeit in not quite the personality that you and I would walk out into, is accomplishing in establishing a lot of what were established norms and are established norms that haven't been very effective at all on serving the principles of the kingdom of God."

Amedia said he could not support the Democrats, who he reminded Strang's listeners had bathed the White House in rainbow colors—"that was given as a covenant of our God that He would forever keep us in His eyesight here on this Earth"—in support of gay "marriage." He also noted Democrats are pro-abortion and champion policies that would "trade away Israel."

Amedia serves in a volunteer capacity as a "liaison" between the Trump campaign and evangelicals and Pentecostals. He told Strang he was able, in that capacity, to convene a meeting between Trump and several notable leaders in the prophetic movement, including Sid Roth, Rick Joyner, Herman Martir and Mario Bramnick, in which the issue of reaching out to Hispanic voters and immigration reform was discussed.

He said they came out of that meeting "encouraged" that he was willing to "listen to reason and to some suggestions."

Strang then asked how Trump would reach out to Bible-believing, church-going Christians who largely were opposed to his campaign in the early stages of the presidential race. Amedia said he has deep respect and admiration for both Cruz and his father, and even acknowledged he didn't initially like the answer he got from God, but he did as he was commanded.

"In anything we do as Christians, we need to ask Him first and foremost, 'What is Your will, Lord?' not, 'What is my perception because of consensus,'" he said. "I think that that's where the validity of his election will gain more strength with the ecumenical, with the Christian conservative base, is from hearing from the Lord."

Amedia noted Christianity has been and remains under constant attack in America. He said Trump has pledged to be an "ardent supporter" of Christianity and upholding the tenets of the First Amendment.

"I think, as Christians, we need to look at that, because the church is under attack. It is under attack from the Left, it's under attack from politics, it's under attack at our Supreme Court level," he said. "We need Supreme Court justices who are going to uphold the First Amendment, they're not going to legislate law. We need a Congress that is going to work with the president to legislate law, and we need Supreme Court justices who are going to have a heart and a fear for God.

"I believe that's what the man is going to bring to the table, certainly more so than anything else, and I think every Christian needs to look at it that way."

Amedia concluded by saying he's not going to pretend to know how the final election will turn out. He also said he's "not ashamed to say" he cannot support Hillary Clinton or the Democratic platform.

"If it would be a continuation of the last eight years, ... I don't know what would happen after that," he said. "I believe we need to pray harder than ever. I believe we need to fast harder than ever. And I believe we need to be a unified voice.

"If I could say anything at all, we need to be a unified voice in the Christian community, not denominational, not with our own ambitions, not with our own agendas. We need to be a unified voice that's based on the doctrines of what we know must happen for this country to stay under the favor of God."

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