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Rick Joyner: This Is the Gate of Hell in America

Rick Joyner on the set of his show, 'Prophetic Perspectives.'
Rick Joyner on the set of his show, 'Prophetic Perspectives.' (Rick Joyner/Facebook)

Prophetic voice Rick Joyner declared a gate of hell has been opened in America.  

The source? Abortion. The slaughter of innocent children compelled the head of MorningStar Ministries to use the upcoming election as a way to banish that hell from America.  

In a Facebook post, he writes:  

We're told about "gates of hell" in Scripture, which are access points where hell enters a nation or culture. Abortion is the biggest gate of hell through which death and the culture of death and violence enters a land. It was this gate of hell through which the culture of death entered Germany in the 1930's, when mandatory abortions were used on the "undesirables." After killing the unborn became acceptable they then began to systematically kill the elderly, who they called "useless eaters." Then it spread to killing everyone they didn't like, or felt threatened by. This culture of death is now creeping into our land, and it will put all lives in jeopardy if we do not close this gate.
Roe v Wade was not just about abortion. It was also about seeing if we would allow the courts to legislate in violation of the Constitution. This is what Thomas Jefferson called "judicial tyranny" where a small number of judges would begin to rule over the will of the people, and he contended that we could not remain a Republic for long if this happened.
The Constitution is clear that what authority is not specifically given to the federal government in the Constitution remains with the states and with the people. Nowhere does the Constitution give authority to the federal government mandate social issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage. Every time it has ruled on such issues it has done so in violation of the Constitution, and it should not be a surprise that they have always been in exact conflict with the will of God as revealed in His word. 

To reverse the devastation, Joyner says he will add his voice to the multitudes of Christian leaders clamoring for Donald Trump's pro-life position.  

"HE IS THE PRO-LIFE CANDIDATE. Life is the most valuable gift we have. Just as the first test of Solomon's wisdom was to distinguish between the mother that was careless with life, and the one that was careful with life, this is the first, and most important test of leadership. I therefore think the greatest nation on earth will be the one with the greatest culture of respect for life," Joyner says. 

"God said in His word that 'the shedding of innocent blood brings a curse.' Who could be more innocent than the unborn who have not even had a chance yet to do good or evil? We now know that infants in the womb at just a few months of development have emotions, can feel pain, and even dream. The methods of abortion are an incomprehensibly cruel torture and murder of the most innocent, and helpless living human being," he continued.  

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