Charisma Caucus Editor Says Ted Cruz Cannot Claim to Uphold the Constitution

Ted Cruz Senior Editor Bethany Blakely says Ted Cruz is ineligible to hold the office of president, and by running, he's failing to uphold the Constitution. (Reuters photo)

The truth is that the Constitution clearly defines the requirement for president: He or she must be a natural-born citizen. Neither Cruz nor Rubio are. Obama is not and never should have been allowed to run, and his election should have been legally contested. If anyone had done the right thing in 2007 we would not be in the mess that we are in today. 

If we continue to elect people in violation of the Constitution, then there is no point to having it as the law of the land. There is no point to elections. There is no point in trying to salvage what is left of America.

Under America's current lawlessness, Angela Merkel could immigrate and become president. So could Putin. And Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bobby Jindal could also legally run for president.

Just because Obama and Hillary and their cohorts repeatedly break the law, does not justify that others can also break the law. Instead, those committed to upholding the constitution should still stand for truth and hold accountable the law breakers. 

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Anyone who has actually read the Constitution would know that the Framers identified criteria for citizenship, and three categories of citizenship. They intentionally defined the requirement for the office of the president to be different than that of other office holders—for a reason. 

A natural-born citizen, the only person who can legally run for president, is one who is born on American soil to two parents born on American soil. 

Marco Rubio is an anchor baby.

Cruz is a citizen because his mother was born in Delaware, but he is not a natural born citizen because his father was not an American citizen when he was born and because he was not born on American soil.

One cannot claim they want to uphold the Constitution while all the while knowing their candidacy for president is constitutionally invalid. Nor can he honestly argue that Obama was ineligible, and then later run having the same problem.

What's worse is that his supporters might justify that he will be better than Obama, and yes, anyone would be, but that is not the point. How can Christians or conservatives argue that we must follow the law on marriage, but not on citizenship? Subjectively following laws and making up laws as he goes is exactly what America's imposter in chief is already doing.

Bethany Blankley is senior editor for She hosts the radio program, America's Betrayal, syndicated on several radio networks including Conservative Report Radio and WAAR Radio. She is a political analyst for Fox News Radio and offers conservative commentary on various television news programs.

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