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A Prophetic Call to Prayer

Like many other intercessors, Cindy Jacobs, co-founder of Generals International, is at TheCall Detroit this weekend. As the solemn assembly gathers, Jacobs released a prophetic word for the United States and Israel. read more

Jerry Lewis, telethon

Should Telethons Be Re-run?

Nearly all non-commercial networks do them, and they're a key way to motivate viewers to support their programming. But should they be re-run? Phil Cooke weighs in on the re-running of telethons in this opinion piece. read more

Gracie Rosenberger

Friendly Fire

On Veteran's Day, Gracie Rosenberger writes about her experiences meeting severely injured American soldiers and discusses how Christ is the ultimate wounded warrior. read more
spirutal abuse

Spiritual Abuse, Christian Cults and Controlling Ministries

It's irresponsible to loosely toss around emotionally charged accusations like "spiritual abuse," "Christian cults" and "controlling ministries." It's also irresponsible to turn a blind eye to real problems. Jennifer LeClaire talks about the dangers of spiritual abuse. read more

move of God

What is the Next Move of God?

Human history hasn't stopped moving. So why would we think God has stopped moving? Pastor Nicki Pfeifer shares her views on the next move of God. read more

T.L. Osborn and Lee Grady

Why T.L. Osborn Is My Hero

Many healing evangelists have fallen from grace, but J. Lee Grady writes about T.L. Osborn—who, at age 88, is finishing well. Grady discusses five admirable qualities this humble giant has that we can all learn from. read more
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