When God Couldn’t Find Enough Bold Pastors, He Called the Truckers, Part 1


Editor’s Note: This is Part 1 of a two-part article. For Part 2, click here. To read a previous story by Pastor Jim Garlow on the Canadian truckers singing Martin Luther’s most famous hymn, click here.

In 1978, God looked down on America and could not find enough bold pastors to stand up, so He said, “I am going to find an associate clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, with a Ph.D. in child development, and I am going to prepare him to do what I need done.” So God raised a young Dr. James Dobson to a position of national and international influence for righteousness.

In 1980, God looked down on America and could not find enough bold pastors to stand up, so He said, “I am going to find a Hollywood actor who has been divorced, once a liberal, and I am going to prepare him to do what I need done.” So God raised Ronald Reagan to a national and international position of influence for righteousness.

In 1990, God looked down on America and could not find enough bold pastors to stand up, so He said, “I am going to find a football coach at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and he is going to launch a movement for men called “Promise Keepers.” So God raised Bill McCartney to a position of national and international influence for righteousness.

In 2016, God looked down on America and could not find enough bold pastors to stand up, so He said, “I am going to find a braggadocious New York City billionaire who has owned casinos, has been a playboy, is in his third marriage and tweets too much, and I am going to prepare him to do what I need done.” So God raised up Donald Trump to a position of national and international influence for righteousness.

In 2022, God looked down on all of North America and could not find enough bold pastors to stand up, so He said, “I am going to find a group of truckers in Canada who care about freedom and liberty, who hate tyranny and despotic rule, socialism and medical coercion, and I am going to bring them to Ottawa, Ontario to do what I need done.” So God raised up the truckers who congregated in Canada’s capital city to a position of national and international influence for righteousness.

How do you view the Canadian truckers event? A protest? A blockade? OK, maybe it includes that. But it is so much more. Could it be a spiritual renewal? Or a revival? Or at least a “pre-revival,” a precursor to an awakening? Quite possibly.

Some might think that truckers are an unlikely place for God to look. However, there are so many examples throughout history where God used the “unlikelies.” God tends to work with those who will say yes to Him and then obey. The truckers did exactly that.

I have talked with some of the Canadian truck drivers. They are peaceful and committed to nonviolence. In fact, according to interviews with people on the ground, their event has a family-friendly atmosphere. Crime has dropped to zero in Ottawa.

Pray that outside agitators, saboteurs or even government plants don’t infiltrate this movement. Contrary to Trudeau’s accusations, they are not terrorist or racists. The protesting truckers are hardworking, blue-collar people who bring you every single item you own.

Why would God call them? The answer is obvious. We have needed someone to help lead the charge against the avalanche of political despotism and governmental tyranny around the world. God found someone. In fact, He found lots of “someones”: truckers. Canadian truckers. This is not the way we might have expected Him to work. But He has always used the “unlikelies” and “unusables.” Take King David or the 12 disciples, for starters.

If God cannot find enough bold, courageous, godly pastors, He will find another way to accomplish what needs to happen. There are some strong pastors in the U.S. But not enough. There were not enough in Canada either. So God had to find another way. And He did.

That brings me back to the truckers. Are they all Christ-followers? Of course not. Many are. (There is a remarkable ministry among truckers, but most people just don’t know about it.)

But even among those who don’t yet personally know Christ as Savior, there are enough vestiges of Judeo-Christian values within them that they are willing to make a stand. And God is blessing them.

Many persons who are not of the kingdom still understand kingdom principles and often stand for them and—knowingly or unknowingly—operate within them.

These truckers inherently know that God did not create government to abuse its people, but to protect them. And they are willing to risk their occupations, their equipment, their livelihood and their safety to declare, “Enough is enough.”

Some call it a protest. And it may be. Peaceful protests are right. But it is so much more.

Some think it is about medical mandates. And it is. But it is more. So much more.

This is spiritual. You read that right. As noted above, this might be a precursor to a revival. Only time will tell. But it might be.

These truckers are like those who marched across the Jordan and around the walls of Jericho and sounded their horns (shofars). They truckers have marched across Canada, and now around Ottawa, and sounded their horns. Notice that Trudeau did not like their horns.

They are the modern-day circuit riders, like those who traversed 18th-century England and early America, carrying the Methodist expression of salvation and holiness. (I wrote my doctoral dissertation on these Methodist preachers on horseback, the circuit riders.) I would add that, rather than each of these present-day “trucker circuit riders” having one horse, they each have many horses (horsepower) as they advance the message of freedom and liberty. They are leading a God-inspired revolt against tyranny.

This movement is like the cry for freedom in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s as the tyrannical USSR collapsed.

This movement is inspired by the same heartbeat that gave the global triumvirate of Ronald Reagan, Margret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II such influence when communism collapsed in Poland after the pope’s visit, triggering the eventual overthrow of the USSR across Eastern Europe.

These are the “deplorables” —a term used by one prominent U.S. Democratic political candidate for president —coming to understand that they are not, in fact, deplorables.

These are the masses coming to grasp that the elites don’t rule them. God does.

Many of them realize that the God of the Bible is the one who has all authority, and He has granted to the citizens the sacred and precious right to exercise governmental authority.

Trudeau has no clue what is happening. He may tamp it down for a while, but he will never be able to permanently stop it.

Biden does not understand it.

Many world leaders do not grasp it.

It is not partisan. It has little to nothing to do with political parties.

Using the terms we recognize in the United States, this is not Republican vs. Democrat.

This is not Right versus Left.

This is, however, most definitely right versus wrong.

This is good versus evil.

This is biblical versus anti-biblical.

This is God versus anti-God.

Some people know it. Some who may not recognize this reality, however, are experiencing it.

So long as the truck protests can avoid outside agitators inciting evil actions or words, God is going to bless this.

The truckers may set Canada free. At this point, it is too early to tell. Then maybe America, then possibly Australia. Then country after country. We have heard of trucker convoys formulating in places as far away as Israel.

These words are not hyperbole or melodrama. This is the promise of God, who will still be here after Trudeau and Biden and all the other enemies of freedom have ended their times of enslaving the people whose liberty they can never permanently take.

Political leaders did not give freedom. Therefore they cannot forever take it away.

God looked down. He looked for someone who would say yes. He found them. In Canada. A group of truckers. {eoa}

Dr. Jim Garlow and his wife, Rosemary, are the founders of Well Versed (WellVersedWorld.org ), which brings biblical principles of governance to government leaders, in Congress; in Washington, D.C.; to ambassadors at the United Nations in New York City and to the capital cities of other nations.

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