Rick Joyner Predicts Destruction of Republic, Third Great Awakening

Rick Joyner
In his weekly 'Prophetic Perspective on Current Events' broadcast, Rick Joyner predicted the destruction of America’s republic. (Facebook)

In his weekly Prophetic Perspective on Current Events broadcast, Rick Joyner predicted the destruction of America’s republic—maybe even during President Obama’s second term.

Joyner prefaced the Internet broadcast entitled “Has Democracy Failed?” by warning viewers that he would say some things that may be shocking. The segment was filmed on the day before the government shutdown.

From Joyner’s prophetic perspective, the republic of the United States of America is crumbling because of tyranny from the government and from the people.

“There’s no way this republic can last much longer," he said. "It may not last through Obama’s second term. There are a lot of people who feel it can’t. There are forces at work right now seeking to undermine and destroy the republic. There’s almost a glib and joyful disregard of the Constitution, a belittling of the Constitution. We can’t make it without that. That’s our foundation, our moorings. We’re heading for serious tyranny—for a terrible tyranny right now.”

Despite his strong words, Joyner is not all doom and gloom. He believes the republic can be restored. His heart’s cry? “Don’t let us be totally destroyed. Please raise up those who will save us.”

As Joyner sees it, no election is going to fix America’s problems because the system is broken. He believes our only hope is a military takeover—martial law.

“I believe there are noble leaders in our military that love the republic and love everything we stand for—and they could seize the government,” he said. “I am not advocating this. I am just telling you what could happen. They could seize it and help restore the foundations, help restore the Constitution.”

Although Joyner is not calling for martial law, he is calling for a radical change. The housing market has made great strides toward recovery, and the government is reporting some positive economic signs, but Joyner's still not convinced the worst is behind us. In fact, Joyner said the nation is “tottering over the abyss right now, and any little breeze could push us over.”

Still, he’s not without hope for revival.

“There are many great signs of revival and awakening in America—incredible things happening," he said. "I believe we’re going to see a Third Great Awakening in America within the next couple of years. It’s going to be massive. It’s going to transform America. It could help restore us to the foundations.”

Joyner also predicted an “inevitable” collapse of the U.S. dollar but said it could lead to a jubilee—a new beginning if the right people are in leadership. His conclusion? We have to turn back to God as a nation.

Some are ridiculing Joyner for his prophetic prospective. What do I think? I don't have an opinion, per se, but I do have a prophetic word that I hold tight to. On April 21, 2007—before I had ever heard of Barack Obama—the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night to give me this prophetic word:

"There is a great awakening coming to this nation. For I have heard your cries, and I long to heal your land. I am a covenant God, and I will not forget the covenant I made with your Founding Forefathers. Yes, there will be a shaking, but the foundations will not crack, and they will not crumble. Only those things which can be shaken will be shaken, that the sin in the land may be laid bare.

"Repentance. I require repentance from My people who have through the generations allowed the enemy to take ground in this nation. I require repentance for the abortions and for the prayerlessness. I require repentance for the apathy and for the idolatry. You shall have no other gods before Me. I am indeed the God of America.

"Yes, there is a great awakening coming to this nation. I am the Author of it, and I will bring it to pass. Just turn from your wicked ways and humble yourselves. Stand in the gap, and make up the hedge. I am the Lord, and I am a warrior. I will not leave or forsake this country. I will fight through you and with you to regain what has been lost.

"Be encouraged now because as you go forth boldly with My Word and My Spirit, there will be the sound of truth, and it will prevail in the land. Speak boldly and clearly, and watch as the mighty men arise to take their positions on the wall and in the churches and in the marketplaces. For I am raising up deliverers and reformers in this generation who will not shrink back at the challenge that is coming in the days ahead.

"Yes, it will grow darker before My light shines brightly from this nation again. But the light has not been extinguished and will not be extinguished. The time to rise up is now. I am calling you to war. I am calling you to repentance. I am calling you to My side. I am the captain of the hosts. I am calling you to victory. I am calling you to destiny. Will you answer?"

What is the Lord saying to you about the hour we’re in? Is America heading for destruction? Is a Third Great Awakening eminent? Or both?

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