With Sexbots Gaining Momentum, Are Human-Robot Marriages Inevitable?

Man with robot
Are our relationships with robots about to be taken to the next level? (Bre Pettis/Flickr/Creative Commons)

As in most significant epochs in history (Luke 19:44), most people today are unaware that society has already crossed the most important threshold in over 100 years, since the advent of the airplane. The signs are already here.

Of course, what I am speaking of (based on the title) is the nature, essence and significance of humanity versus non-living machinations of humanity (the human/robot or humanoid narrative). What was mere science fiction a few years ago has already arrived. There are already numerous robot expos in several places of the world, as well as more and more science fiction movies depicting robot-human relations.

Many have already crossed the primary dividing line by predicting the inevitability of human/robot marriages, and it is only a matter of time when the average person will be able to purchase a sexbot. (Can we biblically call this adultery?) How can this all be possible so quickly? This is very easy to answer.

First of all, when the evangelical church abandoned culture more than 100 years ago, it paved the way for scientists, progressives, secular bioethicists, and information technology pioneers to promote their ideologies without the traditional Judeo-Christian framework. Without the Judeo-Christian worldview, the biblical template regarding human design and function was lost, thus leaving the world without an anchor for these assumed historic boundaries. (These assumed historic boundaries include things such as the definition, function and uniqueness of a human based on divine design, distinctions of human gender, traditional marriage, the nuclear family and more.) When biblically based traditional boundaries are ignored, we are not only left without general agreement regarding marriage, family and gender distinction, but we are also now left without boundaries related to the uniqueness of humanity as image-bearers of God (Gen. 1:28).

If some are presently troubled by same-sex marriage and the growing cultural acceptance of a transgender friendly society, "you ain't seen nothing yet"! At least all of these relations are within the framework of humanity! There is soon coming a day when a person may be called a conservative if they believe solely in human-to-human sexual relations (irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity), which may eventually place many Bible-believing Christians on the same political and ideological page as "human specific" gay activists (who advocate for a human-to-human construct regarding marriage and family).

Yes, robot armies, robotic cars, robot house maids, babysitters, actors and factory workers will eventually become the societal norm (which may not always be such a bad thing if it increases the quality of life and/or saves human lives). However, soon humans and robots will eventually become sexual partners and many will advocate for human/robot marriages. To prepare the culture for this, look for a barrage of human/robot movies and even reality shows that will attempt to blur the human/robot lines of delineation by depicting their sexual and romantic compatibility. Make no mistake about it, within one to two decades these robots will be humanoids, replete with synthetic human-like skin, sexual organs, and artificial intelligence that enables them to think on their own and have a semblance of autonomy. This can fool their human partner into thinking their robot really has an emotional and sexual connection with them.

Consequently, the biblical apologists, theologians and philosophers, as well as pastors and Christian parents better be prepared to give a biblically cogent answer to their children and adherents. Unless the developing nations regain a sense of sanity and recapture the biblical worldview regarding the nature of humanity and family, our culture will continue to drift into a world so bizarre that it will make Grimm's Fairy Tales look pedestrian.

Joseph Mattera is overseeing bishop of Resurrection Church and Christ Covenant Coalition, in Brooklyn, New York, and author of numerous books, including Ruling in the Gates: Preparing the Church to Transform Cities. Follow him on Facebook or visit him online at josephmattera.org.

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