Will There Even Be an Election This Fall?

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While we are debating and fussing over the two presidential candidates ... while many so called prophets are prophesying the victory of their chosen candidate, even adding "thus saith the Lord" to their presumptuous utterances ... while we concern ourselves with the peripheral consequences of what could or would happen if one candidate gets elected over another, the devil is plotting to steal, kill and destroy us another way.

It's almost like a special forces military operation in a time of war when they use the element of distraction in one territorial area to overwhelm with a surprise attack elsewhere. Do not be distracted by the strife and confusion this election is generating. Do not chase the enemy's fires. Do not be deceived by the lies and false prophecies floating through the airwaves and cyber space. I have found that there are only a few who are speaking the true word of the Lord in this hour. Beware of the voices you are listening to. Hear ye what the Spirit of God is truly saying to your spirit. Judgment begins in the house of God (1 Pet. 4:17). And if you read that chapter in context, it is speaking of suffering according to the will of God—suffering for righteousness sake, being reproached for the name of Christ, so that we won't be judged with the world and with those who do not obey the gospel.

Amidst all the confusion and division in the church over politics, the enemy is luring and working a hideous plan that could strike this nation suddenly and leave more death and destruction in its wake than we've ever known. If the church doesn't stop the argumentative rhetoric and give itself over to humility, repentance, brokenness, soberness, watchfulness and a real spirit of prayer and intercession, we could see a fatalistic series of unprecedented events surrounding this coming election. There is even a possibility of martial law being declared because of the confusion and uproar it will create. Either way, there will be an uproar and there will be a level of suffering in it. How much? I don't know. There are some things we can stop through prayer; there are other things we can only delay. And in some situations prayer will not stop or delay what is coming. For example, Jesus foretold of certain events, especially in the end of days, that cannot be stopped.

No American president can stop the things which have already been set in motion in this nation. There has already been a dishonorable sowing that we shall reap as a nation. But I believe we can short circuit the damage through prayer, and not through the election of any president. Remember, what God did with Saul of Tarsus, He can do with either candidate (Acts 9). And what He did with King Herod he can also do with either candidate (Acts 12:20-23). Let us not forget that God did that during a time of great persecution and suffering in the church, through Saul and Herod who killed James and others.

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The most convincing argument many in the church are making to vote for the lesser of two evils in Donald Trump is so that new conservative judges can be appointed at the Supreme Court level. This has caused fear, panic and distraction in many believers. Even pastors and leaders are caught up in the fear and dissimulation of it. As important as the appointment of SCOTUS judges are, which have the potential to dictate the passing of certain laws that could further jeopardize and thwart our religious liberties, an element of it is masquerading a bigger plan of the enemy to get us off of real prayer, total dependence on God, and the advancement of His kingdom in the midst of national crisis.

I feel like we are living in a time similar to Jehoshaphat's when Judah was surrounded by its enemies and had no might to stand against them (2 Chron. 20). Let's face it—there is no human solution to the predicament our nation finds itself in in this hour. If Hillary Clinton is elected president there will uproar and confusion. If Donald Trump is elected, there will be uproar and confusion. And if Obama declares martial law there will be uproar and confusion. There will be riots in the streets and many will be killed. Regardless of who wins the presidency, Bible prophecy will be fulfilled in the world. Our answers are not in man. Our eyes must be totally and 100% on the Lord.

"O our God, will You not render judgment on them? For we have not strength enough to stand before this great army that is coming against us. And we do not know what we should do, but our eyes are on You" (2 Chr. 20:12).

I don't know about you but I have one president, one King, and He is the Lord Jesus Christ. My hope is not in the systems of this world but in God. Therefore, I don't fear; I don't panic. Our King has overcome even death itself and tasted death for every man (Heb. 2:9). Our kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36). Why are we fighting over the kingdoms of this world? Why are we fighting over presidential candidates as if they are going to save the day? I have more faith in a child than I do over these liars running for office.

Do we really think that if Donald Trump wins the election our nation will be saved and our future in this nation secured? Who has bewitched you?  Say he does win, will the church relax and be lulled into a deeper state of slumber and an even greater false sense of security? We got eight years of Obama, but I dare to say as far as our obedience to the Great Commission is concerned, the church is no better off than it was before he came into office. If you fear the consequences of a Hillary presidency, then your motive is situational ethics and you are not even in the right state of mind and heart to pray or vote.

The essence of situational ethics is the primary concern over the outcome or consequences of an action, in this case, a Clinton presidency. I don't want her to be our president either, for she is a wicked and corrupt politician, but that is not my main concern. My main concern is being right with God and aligned with His statutes, precepts, laws, plans and purposes. Let me ask you a pointed question: What unrepentant sin must a Republican commit before you stop rewarding them with your vote? Many are planning to vote based on situational ethics and not the righteousness of God.

For years God has been testing our free moral agency. For instance, I have many African-American friends who voted for Obama. I pleaded with some of them about how their conscience could vote for such a wicked and corrupt man with the most unbiblical world view and antichrist spirit of any president this nation has ever had in its history. I know that statement alone will cause some to unfollow this blog and unfriend me from their social networks, but I couldn't care less. You who voted for Obama were judged by God for your evil choice, and if you haven't repented yet you should do so now. Just don't make the same mistake again. A vote for evil is a vote for the curse. Who you vote for reflects your values and affects your children. Yes, I believe a curse can come on your household and posterity because of who you vote for. I cannot vote for the lesser of two evils any more. I cannot vote for unrighteousness.

As a nation, we crossed a line when we voted a second time for Obama. Because of the unwise choice of many we have reached a point of no return. But my concern is not so much for the nation as it is for the church. I am now resigned to the fact that our nation will suffer and the church will also suffer as a result. Just how much, I don't know. But we must be prepared to suffer for the gospel, for the name of Jesus, and for righteousness sake in a way we perhaps have not suffered heretofore in this nation.

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