This Agreement Between Jewish and Gentile Believers Has End-Times Consequences for All

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Each month, Grant Berry and Bob Wolff join Dai Sup Han on Prayer Surge Now, a national prayer conference call for the watchmen of the Lord. Their focus in this prayer hour is on unifying the ekklesia/church in The One New Man between Jews and Gentiles to help fulfill Yeshua/Jesus's prayer of John 17, understanding the greater depths of prayer for the peace of Jerusalem, and the salvation of Israel and the nations.

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Romans 911Grant began by sharing the message on his heart, one of the great questions of our day for the church, "Can we achieve balance in The One New Man?" In the church and Messianic bodies, there are varying degrees and interpretations of how to understand TONM, each tending to view perspectives through their own lens and understanding. These differing viewpoints can often cause and fuel division and separation in the body, which the Father now wants to be reconciled and restored.

Take the example of a pendulum in the case of TONM. God rests in the equilibrium position, perfectly centered and balanced. The pendulum is then displaced from side to side. In this example, one side represents Messianic believers, and the other represents the Gentile church, with varying views on both sides, some leaning more left or right and some quite extreme.

Extremes exist from both Messianic and Gentile perspectives. Some in the church have forgotten their Hebraic roots and misapply "there is neither Jew nor Greek," stated in Galatians 3:28. They think Jewish believers should simply assimilate into the Gentile church. Paul instead was teaching here that both groups are one in the Spirit through Yeshua/Jesus, not that there are no differences or distinctions between us. On the other hand, some Messianic groups who also misinterpret Scripture should not demand that Christians follow Jewish law and traditions and be exactly like Jews. Then there are those with less extreme views in the body leaning to both sides (most of us) who need adjustment and correction. They do not yet see or understand the significance of this reunification in God's family as a pathway to the fulfillment of Yeshua/Jesus heart cry in John 17 and the glory of God that is to be bestowed on His end-times body.

During these days, as Israel's awakening comes full circle and as God looks to restore more balance to His ekklesia/church to find harmony with all His children, the pendulum must return to the center, and we need to move with Him. We will never be able to see God's end-time plans for Israel and the church through either a Jewish or Gentile lens, but only through the eyes of the Father for His family to be one.

This will require a shift for all believers and followers of Yeshua/Jesus. Achieving unity starts with humility and repentance, embracing God's perspective, and allowing His mercy to heal the breach between His Jewish and Gentile family and between all races.

Through reconciled diversity and without compromise to His Word, God will empower us to take back other divisions in the body that the enemy has sown. As we allow the Father to rework His body and bring this balance, God will be able to send the fullness of His glory upon us. But The Reconnection, love and unity must transpire first, as they are prerequisites for the fire to come! Additionally, they will empower us to fulfill our witness to Israel and the nations, leading us to God's end-time plans, the preparation of the bride and the Lord's return.

We must pray to see God's family restored in this way into oneness in Spirit so the Father can reunite His family to Himself, which has end-time consequences for us all!

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Author and speaker Grant Berry is the founder of Reconnecting Ministries and Producer of The Romans 911 Project. Grant is a Messianic believer in Yeshua/Jesus and is promoting a new message into the body of Messiah/Christ during these last days, known as "The Reconnection." The Reconnection is a term used to describe the reuniting and reconciliation of Jewish and Gentile believers and all races and tongues into John 17 love and unity in "The One New Man" now that Israel's awakening is upon us. The Romans 911 Project has been created to bring The Reconnection message to light, which has primarily been hidden in the mystery of Israel's restoration according to Romans 11:25-27. For more information and a special offer on The Romans 911 Project, please visit Romans

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