Holy Spirit Wave Leads to Prophetic Fulfillment in Israel

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A great wave of the Holy Spirit around the world is bringing ancient prophecies to pass.

"If you go read the prophecies given in Jeremiah 3:16-17, it talks about how Israel is going to be restored, how there's going to be a great population increase in the land, how all nations are going to gather in Jerusalem to honor the Lord's name and how Judah and Israel will be united," says Brad Long, executive director of Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries International (PRMI). "And the thing is, is this actually happening? We are seeing it happen."

In 2019, this international interdenominational group took part in a special service and celebrated Communion at what is thought to be Jesus' tomb in Jerusalem.

"We had a Messianic rabbi with us," Long says. "We had several from China. We had some people from Britain, we had people from Canada, and we were there celebrating the Lord's Supper celebrating Jesus' Resurrection in Hebrew, in Chinese, in nice British English, American English, Canadian English, but also all around us, there were other groups in every language on earth, in Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, German and Spanish."

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Long believes those gathered at that time were playing a part in fulfilling prophecy.

"It was incredible that we saw the actual fulfillment of those Old Testament prophecies of all the nations gathering in Jerusalem," he says. "And they know who they are celebrating. They're celebrating Yeshua, Jesus, and they're not looking back to the ark of the covenant. They're looking forward to Jesus Christ. So we are seeing the fulfillment right now, unprecedented in all the New Testament prophecies, and all of this is coming from this great wave of the Holy Spirit."

Long believes we live in both dangerous and exciting times.

"We're convinced that we are already in the midst of a global move of the Holy Spirit," he says. "And many people see this as possibly the great end times revival that will be the prelude to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in Jesus Christ returning."

Long believes these waves of the Holy Spirit started at Pentecost in Jerusalem and are now returning.

"They're coming back into Jerusalem, the epicenter of Old Testament and New Testament prophecy, and so we're seeing it actually happen before us right now," he says. "This move of the Holy Spirit and our prayer work is part of the fulfillment of those Old Testament prophecies because prophecy is sometimes a prediction, but most of the time, prophecy is an invitation to come and join with God in shaping the future. And that's why we're called into this, because God depends on our prayers to carry out His will and fulfill His vision."

PRMI's prayer mobilizer, Rev. Martin Boardman, coordinates those who are engaging in intercession around the world on significant needs, including the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and the release of persecuted pastor Andrew Brunson from a Turkish prison. Boardman points to a website full of resources for intercessors, discernwith.us.

"There's the information that you need to be able to really engage in the battle, the discernment process that we're going through to understand what the Lord is doing," Boardman says. "And then also how the enemy's responding and some of the prayer tactics that we can bring in to really be effective in prayer in those areas."

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