Has the World Been Duped by This Fabricated Narrative?

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Note: This is Part 2 of a two-part series. For Part 1, click here.

'Their Country'?

Yet, what country is he talking about? The so-called "Palestinians" did not have their own country. The area he is referring to was under the British Mandate and was turned over to the U.N. who voted to partition an Arab and Jewish state, which the Arab nations rejected. The "Palestinians" never had "their own country," to return to and "liberate." They could have had one if they accepted the U.N. partition of two states for two peoples. Had they done so the past seven decades might have been peaceful. However, hatred of the Jews and refusal to accept the existence of a neighboring Jewish state outweighed the gift of having their own state. This abhorrent fact renders Arafat's statement about the existence of "their country" as a fabrication, or "fake news."

Plus, Jews have had a constant presence in this land dating back over 3,000 years. Moreover, since they were forced to fight multiple defensive wars ('48, '67, '73), international law allows them to claim land they conquered, which gives them the legal right to build communities.

Actual Refugees

While a fabricated narrative about so-called "Palestinian refugees" has thrived for more than half a century, how much publicity has there been about the actual refugees surrounding the modern rebirth of Israel? Let me explain.

Prior to 1948, roughly 850,000 Jews lived in Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa. When it became clear the Jewish people would regain their biblical homeland virtually all the Jews in these Arab countries were forced to leave. Why? Had they committed any crime? No. They had been living peacefully (as second-class citizens in these Muslim countries) for multiple generations.

The rebirth of Israel changed their fate forever. Many were jailed, some beaten and killed. Their homes, land, bank accounts and possessions were confiscated. Many thousands were forced to leave hastily with just what they could carry. These are true refugees. Today, hardly any Jews remain in those Arab countries. Israel absorbed roughly 80 percent of them. Yet, how much publicity has there been about this?

After decades of neglecting the issue Israel finally decided the Jewish refugees required appropriate consideration. In October 2012, a meeting took place at the U.N. over the vehement objection of Arab members. The end result was that going forward Israel would require the issue of Jewish refugees to be part of any formal peace agreement.

The World Has Been Duped

Bob Dylan once said, "Don't ask me nuthin' about nuthin,' I just might tell ya the truth." It's time for the hard truth. The entire premise on which the PLO was founded is a fabrication. There was never a sovereign nation called "Palestine," and there is no ethnic "Palestinian" people. What is correct is there were Arabs of various ethnic origins living together with Jews in an area which was under the control of the British. Arafat himself, for example, was a transplanted Egyptian Arab, not a "Palestinian."

Part of the challenge of this unending conflict is separating fact from fiction. Suggesting the "Palestinians" have the right to "liberate their country" assumes they had one.

They don't and never did.

This cannot be overstated. Any reference otherwise is pure fabrication. However, this has not stopped them from spreading outright lies and others from buying into it. This includes defining the land they claim as "occupied Palestinian territory," all the while blaming Israel as the cause for a lack of peace.

The charters of all the "Palestinian" terror groups, including Fatah, which means "conquest" (and is the party of Mahmoud Abbas), don't merely speak of self-determination. Each charter places equal weight, if not more, on the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel through armed struggle, and replacing it with one "Palestinian" state. Take a look at their official emblem. Notice one green state. Green is the official color of Islam. Also notice the guns and hand grenade? Their goal is to violently eliminate the world's only Jewish country and replace it with another Muslim dominated country. This would bring the total of said countries to 23 in the Middle East, while the Jews would have none, and be relegated to live under Muslim rule in what used to be their own country.

How fair is that?

If the community of nations decides to reward those who seek Israel's destruction with nationhood without requiring them to alter their charters, renounce terror and recognize the Jewish state of Israel, it will be a black mark on humanity. Unfortunately, there is no indication the "Palestinians" will be required to do any of this.

Finally, how can believers support a fabricated narrative, especially if the intent is to destroy God's Holy Land, along with His Chosen people and replace it with a country populated by adherents to a faith that worships a different God? Their holy book, the Quran, requires the destruction of both Jews and Christians. For believers to stand with such people and such goals is hypocritical.

Daniel Calic and his wife, D'vorah, live in Israel and are Founders ofblessisraelnetwork.com. They are also co-hosts of a groundbreaking program: Revelation to the Nations, which provides the first dedicated platform for the Israel Messianic community, connecting them with believers in the nations.

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