The Devastating, Lingering Effects of Replacement Theology in the Church

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The Holy Spirit is beckoning His church into a deeper place of intercession and strategy for the reconnection of the church and Israel.
We have just entered the next Jubilee period (50 years), and a prophetic shofar has sounded into the reformation of the church with three main foci: the restoration of the one new man between Jew and Gentile; the fullness of the five-fold ministry and the preparation of the bride for the Lord's return.

The next step is for the watchmen on the walls to fully catch this vision—to step into it with a faith that can move mountains and come into agreement with all that the Holy Spirit is wanting to do in the church to bring these directives to pass.

Art-One-New-ManI believe at this time and during these days that The Holy Spirit is beckoning His church into a deeper place of intercession and strategy to help bring these changes about; to plow the spiritual fields and break up the ground so that the transformation God is wanting for His body may begin to transpire among us.

This will ultimately require a change in church leadership to reconnect spiritually with Israel; to fully embrace the five-fold vision to equip the saints for the ministry and how we view and understand the prophetic office of intercession as well as the emergence of David's tent throughout the earth; to help mobilize God's church into a deeper place of worship, prayer and intercession; to broaden church government and our participation with these most crucial aspects of ministry and to help fuel and empower the kingdom of God on the earth, specifically with greater unity in the local church and the community its serves.

Below is a vision given from the Holy Spirit for us to comprehend and pray into to concerning one of these directives, which is at the very root of the restoration in The One New Man. Please read it prayerfully.

The Vision of a Piece of Fabric

In one of our watchmen meetings recently that is attended by 20-30 intercessors from 18 different churches in the Connecticut area, a unique vision was given to us by the Holy Spirit concerning the residual influences of replacement theology. The insight from the Lord is dramatic; and one that, if we are willing to accept it, will help us to understand what God is saying to us during this hour regarding The One New Man and how we need to pray to help change and prepare God's body for what is coming.

These are the notes that were written and sent out to the group the day after this meeting:

"After seeking the Lord about issues for us to pray on in The One New Man for last night, I have been particularly burdened recently, as I have been writing a new section in the book about the influences of replacement theology in the church. And not just the part of the church that still believes in this lie, but also how it is still affecting the part of the church that is moving towards Israel, in our thinking and our theology.

In this light, I shared it with the group, and after communion and a brief time of worship, the Holy Spirit led us into the greater depths of this issue. Several people in the group shared their hearts, and John confirmed this sense in his spirit. There was a focus on prayer and prophecy for Grant in this area, as he is writing the book, with much encouragement, but also specific direction and clarity. They are recorded.


There was a deeper understanding given by the Spirit of the depths of this lie and its affect on the church. And a root of jealousy was exposed.

The Spirit fell on Grant as the group was praying for him, who went into in a deep cry and weeping as he felt and experienced Joseph's heart, as his brothers sold him into slavery. The weeping was intense and continued for a while with a sense and connection to Joseph as the Jew and the brothers as the Gentile believers in the church and family of God. What a picture!

There were prayers offered for repentance in the body as the group felt this burden, and for the Lord to take us deeper into this issue. 

Susan Torregrossa had a significant vision, and her thoughts are below:

As Sheryl was talking, the Lord showed me a piece of fabric. I was reminded of a video I had seen regarding the shroud of Turin. I could see the fabric as a whole cloth at first, then I could see individual strands of thread in the fabric, and it became magnified. The Lord showed me that what seemed to the naked eye to be a homogeneous piece of cloth, but in fact it was made up of two different materials. He didn't specify what the materials were, but I will use the example of the shroud because I believe it is significant. It was found during inspection of the shroud that the original cloth was made up of linen, which comes from flax. In one corner where an expert repair had been made, cotton had been woven into the strands of the fabric. It was nearly imperceptible except under extreme magnification. The strands were slightly different colors and reacted differently to testing. 

Grant mentioned that he feels that while some churches have moved on past replacement theology, many are still being held back by the residue of its influences. I feel that what the Lord is showing me is that some of the old lies of replacement theology are still affecting the church, because they are the counterfeits of the truth and are interwoven into their fabric. They are imperceptible to the naked eye and can only be exposed through spiritual discernment.

 It reminded me of what my pastor always says about the leaven—once you mix the yeast into the dough, only God can identify and remove it supernaturally.

We need to ask the Lord to remove it, we need to ask Him to unravel the strands of the fabric to expose the counterfeit cotton portions and unravel them from the original linen.

I didn't mention this last night, but I believe that I was seeing the linen/cotton combination because the garment of a high priest was always made of pure linen, representing purity. Just as His priests we are called to wear the linen ephod, we are called to do the same, and so the linen represents this.

Here is a link to the video I referred to. When you watch it, you will see the close-up magnification of the strands—that is the detail of what the Lord was showing me last night. Down to the very fiber of the core of the church, I believe there are counterfeit ideas and beliefs, many that are so close to the truth that people feel that they are harmless and don't recognize them. But the Lord is saying that these things must be exposed, unraveled and removed from the truth, so His church can move forward unhindered. When you watch the video, you will see how easy it would have been for the scientists to overlook those cotton fibers if they had not been accidentally torn and exposed. 

That is what God wants to do now in the church. There may be a bit of collateral damage, but in the end there will be a course correction that is needed in the church for this time we are living in.

This is a significant vision from the Holy Spirit, to get us to understand that we must be willing to go deeper into the affects of this issue in all parts of the church. Not just to repent and renounce replacement theology but also to understand the depths of how much it has affected and influenced our thinking and theology in the church, in order that we can fully break off all of its influences to restore us into The One New Man between Jew and Gentile.

Hali had further insight on Susan's vision of the fabric, that when you wash this fabric with the two differing materials, one will come out cleansed better, and they will look different the more you clean them. The good fabric will be washed well, but the bad fabric will become wrinkled and shriveled, and it will shrink.

This is a picture, I believe, that as the Lord begins a deeper cleanse and healing in this area, more will be exposed and the counterfeit will be revealed. Let's continue to pray on this, please."

Grant Berry is a Jewish believer in Yeshua/Jesus and author of The New Covenant Prophecy and The Ezekiel Generation. He founded Reconnecting Ministries with the specific focus to help the church reconnect spiritually to Israel and considers it vital to the kingdom of G-d in the last days. His message focuses on the unity, love and healing that the Father wants to bring between Jew and Gentile, yet clearly points out the differences and misunderstandings between the two groups. Now is the time to look more carefully into this mystery to make way for healing and reconnection in the Spirit. For more information, please visit 

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