The Preparation for the Reconnection Between the Church and Israel Has Begun

The Golden Key
The golden key (Flickr )

As we quickly approach the last days before Yeshua (Jesus) returns, the mystery to awaken and restore Israel into the family in the One New Man becomes paramount in God's glory plan to establish His kingdom upon the Earth.

In this light, the Holy Spirit is shifting His focus onto a very necessary spiritual restoration that must occur between Jew and Gentile members of the family of God, so that His end-times plan can be realized through us. We call this the Reconnection, where both groups are intricately linked and greatly in need of one another. Yet presently, the family of God is quite divided and separate. As a result, I am beginning a new series called, "What is the One New Man?"

Art-One-New-ManIn these articles we will explore and re-examine the pertinent Scriptures on the One New Man, as well as issues relating to Israel and the church, and we will interview leaders from both sides of the family to gain a better understanding. However, the main goal is to help bring the body of Messiah (Christ) into a greater unity and depth of understanding of this mystery; not through a Gentile or Jewish lens, but rather through our Father's eyes and heart, who longs for His family to be one and to be united into His end-times purposes and plans. In order for us to be mobilized us into the fray (John 17:23).

To Make Us One

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There can be no doubt at this point that the Jewish branches of the Olive Tree are re-emerging. Since 1967, when Israel took back authority over the city of Jerusalem, there have been more Jews coming to Messiah than in the last 1,900 years put together.

For sure, we are entering the last days and the Holy Spirit is now shifting his focus to reunite his family between Jew and Gentile in the Spirit; in order that the Gentile and Jewish branches can become united in the One New Man. For the olive tree of Israel to once again find its fullness, as it was in the first century when the church first began and the power of that God swept through it to change the world.

Therefore even more now, as the apostle Paul said that we must not be ignorant to this mystery, that as we come into the fullness of the Gentiles, so it says all Israel will be saved (Rom. 11:25-27); and all that goes along with this spiritual connection in the heart of both Jewish and Gentile believers in the family of God. I call this the Reconnection. Recently, as I have been writing my third book on this subject, the Lord has directed me to lay out and better define exactly what the Reconnection is so that it can be more clearly understood, along with the adjustments and realignments that God is calling us into in the body of Messiah to prepare us for this time. Not just to awaken us to our role to help release the mercy of God back toward the Jewish people (Rom. 11:30,31; Ezek. 37: 8-10), but also to better prepare us to represent His Messianic kingdom here on the Earth, when the Lord returns.

All that has gone on throughout the centuries between Jew and Gentile has been a mess. This is God's end-times plan, to finally reconnect us, to release His mercy to us (Rom. 11:32). To clean up our hearts and break off past influences; to make us one between God's children from the nations and His remnant children of Israel; for the balance of Israel to be restored (the broken off branches of Israel—Romans 11:23) and for the last great harvest of souls to come into the kingdom.

This is the great power equation God wants to bring us into at this time; to properly reconnect us spiritually as family so He can work His end-times plans through us. For His church to take the Israel piece, which is a likened to a golden key and place it in the door to unlock its resurrection power (Rom. 11:15), that we will begin to see a greater losing of His authority, which is forever linked to Israel and to those who are grafted into her in proper alignment.

Please do not just read these reconnecting points, but rather prayerfully meditate on them that they would be received deep into your spirit. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob reveal to you the great significance of this spiritual transaction in our hearts and all that it will bring us into in the family of God during these days.


What Is the Reconnection?

  • The Reconnection is the final act of restoration for the body of Messiah, between believing Jew and Gentile, and Israel and the church; that properly reconnects Christians to the Remnant of Israel and Jewish believers to the Gentile church. It celebrates our diversity between Jew and Gentile in the unity of the One New Man. The Reconnection also fully prepares us for God's end-times plans on the Earth before Yeshua returns.
  • The Reconnection focuses us on a spiritual transaction in the family of God between Jew and Gentile in the church and messianic bodies, in the hearts of all family members; helping both sides find healing and reconciliation for end-times purposes.

a. To re-unite the family of God into the Father's Heart to love one another.

b. To move the church and messianic bodies into and through identificational repentance; to fully break off the past, from any generational curses and demonic influences of anti-Semitism, to spiritually reconnect us as one family in God. That will help us discover our future roles and destiny in God's end-times (glory) plan to establish His kingdom upon the Earth.

  • The Reconnection reconnects the church to its Jewish roots, fully embracing the re-emerging Jewish branches while continuing to maintain its own branches of the faith. For Gentile believers to be spiritually reconnected to their Jewish family through Messiah/Christ and His covenants, and for Jewish believers to fully embrace their Christian family. Not to go back to the Mosaic covenant, but rather to reconnect the family spiritually between Jew and Gentile, as brethren in the unity of the One New Man, as it was through the founding apostles and the first-century church; fully blessing each others roles and diversity through one faith, One Father, One Son and One Spirit.
  • While the Reconnection requires great unity and love in the Spirit, it does not require Gentile believers to become like Jews and it does not require Jewish believers to become like Gentiles. It blesses both branches of the tree, while operating in love for one another. However, it does recognize certain Gentile believers who are called to serve their Jewish believing family; otherwise known as Messianic Gentiles.
  • The Reconnection introduces a love and a liberty in the Spirit that enables both sides of the olive tree to be free flowing between one another.
  • The Reconnection brings to light the huge significance of Israel's spiritual awakening and prioritizes it in God's end-times plans, without taking it out of context.

The Reconnection realigns Israel and the church into preparations for the Lord's return: 

1. To re-align the gospel to its kingdom principal. To the Jew first and then to the nations; fully recognizing how they are intricately linked together—through prayer, intercession and evangelism.

2. For the church to fully recognize the great power equation of the Israel piece; the golden key that ignites the rest. That through God's own design and plan to finally re-unite His family through His mercy, that the golden key can only be taken by God's other children (His children from the nations), to place it into the door to unlock its resurrection power. The natural outflow of this is the end-times harvest of souls; His bride is readied for His coming. 

3. For the church to fully recognize its end-times role to become Israel's salvation agent; to assist in Israel's spiritual awakening through prayer, intercession and personal lifestyle witness and evangelism. To take on the Father's burden for His first-born children as their own. To properly move Jewish people to jealousy through the mercy of God they have received, to help restore them (as Jewish believers) into their own branches of the olive tree.

4. The Reconnection re-aligns the body of Messiah/Christ to fully embrace the fight through Spirit-led prayer and intercession that is preventing it from taking place; first, for the church and messianic bodies and all of the obstacles and hindrances that are in the way of the Reconnection and, secondly, for Israel's spiritual re-birthing, which will come through the church and Messianic bodies.

5. The Reconnection helps the church to see the broken off branches of Israel as they will be through Scripture and not as they are currently. To release the faith necessary through prayer and intercession to fuel the heavens for their spiritual awakening and the last great harvest of the earth throughout the Nations.

6. The Reconnection re-aligns the church's eschatology regarding Israel and the church into the unity of the One New Man between Jew and Gentile.

7. To help prepare the Gentile church to properly represent Israel as its commonwealth upon the Earth when Yeshua comes back to reign.

8. For the remnant of Israel (Jewish believers) to properly re-connect with God's children from the nations through the church.

Grant Berry is a Jewish believer in Yeshua and author of The New Covenant Prophecy and The Ezekiel Generation. He has founded Reconnecting Ministries with the specific focus to help the church reconnect spiritually to Israel and considers it vital to the kingdom of God in the last days. His website is

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