Anti-Semitism continues to grow worldwide. (Reuters file photo)

A recent Reuters report about the Obama administration’s concern for spreading anti-Semitism is, on the face of it, a good thing. Secretary of State John Kerry has named an envoy, Ira Forman, to “monitor and combat anti-Semitism as a new State Department report warned about incidents in Venezuela, Egypt and Iran.”

This multi-faith gathering serves to mainstream terrorists, such as those funded by the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood.

It should be obvious that much of the anti-Semitic activity comes from Communist countries and Islamic countries. As Christian activist Raymond Ibrahim noted in his new book, Crucified Again, persecution of religious groups is ubiquitous in Islamic regimes and waxes and wanes depending on the strength of moral response from primarily Western nations.

Which brings us to the problem with the administration’s special envoy.

It is precisely because the Obama White House has taken an appeasement stance with jihadists that we see a rise in violence globally. As Oliver North said this week on Fox News, the administration is “ignoring reality” when it comes to the fight against terror. Indeed:

  • The 2009 Fort Hood murders are classified as “workplace violence.”
  • Administration officials are loath to acknowledge Islam’s jihad agenda.
  • Muslim Brotherhood links are welcome at the White House.
  • Seemingly political considerations caused administration officials to blame the deadly Benghazi attacks on a video.

Such fleeing from reality makes the naming of a special envoy to monitor anti-Semitism ineffective, at best. In fact, if one didn’t know better (wink, wink), one would conclude that Obama is aiding the Muslim Brotherhood cause. In a presentation I heard recently, Frank Gaffney used a chilling graphic:

Policy Alignment With the Muslim Brotherhood’s Agenda

  • 2009: President Obama apologizes for U.S. policy in “Muslim outreach” speech in Cairo, insists Brotherhood representatives be in the audience.
  • 2010: Obama administration officials begin formally “engaging” with Brotherhood officials.
  • 2011: President Obama calls for resignation of Hosni Mubarak.
  • 2011: DNI Clapper describes Brotherhood as “largely secular.”
  • 2011: U.S. trains Muslim Brotherhood operatives on how to win elections.
  • 2011: Obama demands Israel return to “1967 borders.”
  • 2012: U.S. transfers $1.5 billion to Egyptian government.
  • 2012: Morsi wins, announces he will seek to impose Shariah.
  • 2012: U.S. announces sale of fighters, tanks to Egypt.
  • 2013: Secretary of State Kerry gives Egypt $250 million more.

All this begs the question: What does John Kerry and his boss hope to achieve by naming a special envoy to monitor anti-Semitism, when they are also directly enabling the most anti-Semitic, violent movement in the world?

Jim Fletcher is a writer, researcher and pro-Israel activist. His work has appeared in the Jerusalem Post, WND, Beliefnet, OneNewsNow, and RaptureReady (weekly “Israel Watch”). Jim spent 15 years in the book publishing industry and now serves as managing editor of the Balfour Post.

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