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Israelis Dream of Peace

As for Israel, I don't know if it is really possible to articulate the profound, aching desire Israelis have for peace. We ask ourselves:

"Why are we a persecuted people—always persecuted, hounded and despised by the world?

Why can't we have peace with the Palestinians who are a brand new community that came into existence only since the Jewish people began returning to their ancient homeland a little over a century ago?

Why can't we make peace with a group of people who have never ruled over an inch of the Holy Land, who have never before had Jerusalem, or for that matter, any city as their capital?

Why can't the Arab world accept one small state as a state for the Jewish people?

But Israelis know that if the Islamic Arab states refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, it is because they don't accept Jews living in the Middle East. And so that is Israel's primary demand: Recognize us as a Jewish state!

But the Arabs claim that a Jewish state would be an apartheid state! The difference between these two peoples, of course, is that persecution of religious minorities in the Jewish state is minimal, really, infinitesimal, compared to persecution in any Islamic state. But the Fatah party tells Israel, "No" to a Jewish state! Hamas says, "Never!"

How Many Islamic States are There?

Well, there's the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Then there's the Islamic State of Saudi Arabia, of Oman, Mauritania, etc. Libya has made its official religion Islam, as has Malaysia...

In fact in every Arab state—and non-Arab state—where the population is overwhelmingly Islamic, every other religion suffers serious persecution. Ask any Christian (privately) if he is a second-class citizen in his Muslim country, and he will almost certainly tell you he is.

Come to think of it, I don't believe I have ever heard any diplomat, journalist or head of state talk about Islamic apartheid. And Islamic apartheid is like no other apartheid that exists in this 21st century.

But diplomats like Secretary of State John Kerry recently warned that if Israel doesn't make peace with the Palestinian Islamic country, Israel, the only democratic state in the Middle East, could well become an apartheid state! He was quickly parroted by Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat who agreed wholeheartedly.

What a scam! Why didn't Kerry mention the fact that because of the apartheid situation under the Palestinian Authority, the traditional Christian community is disappearing! Leaving the country! And traditional Christians are not out evangelizing like the Evangelical Christians are. The latter of course receive even greater persecution in the Palestinian communities, and in every single Islamic-dominated country. Who doesn't know that under Sharia law, if a Muslim converts to Christianity, he receives a death sentence?

Israel's Dreams vs. Reality

To negotiate a peace treaty with the Palestinians, Israelis know we must have some way of insuring that terrorists cannot plan attacks from Judea and Samaria.

And no matter how much pressure is put on Israel, the Jewish people will not give up the Western Wall and control of the Old City to a Muslim authority. Jerusalem will be Israel's capital.

Israel agrees that Palestinian "refugees" including children, grandchildren and great grandchildren could live in a Palestinian state, but not in Israel.

Here is my bottom line: It's not going to happen. There's not going to be a peace treaty. When there is a new president of the U.S., he or she will surely send over more diplomats who will try to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They, too, will fail.

The god of this world will continue to hammer and batter Israel. But there is a growing army of Messianic Jews and Bible-believing Christians who are interceding for the physical and spiritual deliverance of the Jewish people of Israel!

These prayers will be answered by the Mighty God of Israel who will send His own army of angels to bring His ancient, beloved people back safely to Him.

Shira Sorko-Ram, along with her husband, Ari, is a co-founder of Maoz IsraelMinistries. The couple has pioneered several Messianic Jewish congregations in the Tel Aviv area and sponsored national conferences for the Israeli believers.

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