Gov. Bobby Jindal Confronts Radical Islam Head On

Governor Bobby Jindal
Gov. Bobby Jindal (Facebook)

Although it's late, Christians had better acknowledge and face danger head-on, for we have no armor to cover our backs in retreat. A two-edged sword has been left for our offense, backed by the weapons that move heaven: prayer and tears. Yet, where are the Christian men and women who "groan" (Ps. 55:2) over our nation's moral collapse? "Groanings that cannot be uttered are often prayers which cannot be refused." —Charles Spurgeon

It is perplexing that in a nation founded by Christians, "for the Glory of God and the advancement of the Christian Faith," that our presidents, Carter, Clinton, Bush (George W.) and Obama, have all refused to acknowledge, or suggest, that Islam—not radical or extremist, but what the Quran teaches—opposes Western values. In fact, they've all promoted economic and foreign policy partnerships with the very Arab nations that largely fund terrorists who are targeting Americans, Christians and Jews.

America's predicament in 2015 is driven by the fact that we have "forgotten the name of our God" (Ps. 44:17), the first step toward apostasy; then we adore the false. Secularism is paganism clothed in tolerance; its ubiquitous chant, "We are a pluralistic society," is not the same nation bequeathed to us by our Founders.

"Liberal theology means many things, but one of its central themes is the denial of enmity and especially the denial that God has enemies. On this score, however, conservative evangelicals often share much common ground with liberals. Put a McDonald's and a Gap in every major Middle Eastern city, and terrorism will drown in a wave of Happy Meals.

When liberal modernity does not simply ignore the existence of the enemy, it has denied the existence of enmity that cannot be cajoled, co-opted, convinced, or smilingly coerced to become an ally. Strangely, it is not just abstract theorists who hope for a world without enemies, but politicians, even in the aftermath of the attacks of Sept. 11, the Madrid and London bombings, and continuing terror throughout the Middle East." —Peter J. Leithart, 1 & 2 Kings Commentary

What the U.S. Supreme Court invented in its ruling in 1963—removing prayer to Jehovah and the Bible from public schools—is a false religion: secularism. Lone dissenter, Justice Potter Stewart, expressed so in his dissenting opinion, "[The decision] led not to true neutrality with respect to religion, but to the establishment of a religion of secularism."

Bobby Jindal, having taken the time to know the Living God, recognizes whom God preserves Satan cannot destroy. In Psalm 59:10 David says, "The God of lovingkindness will go before me; God will cause me to look in triumph on my enemies." 

"It is a great word that (1 Pet. 5:10), the God of all grace. God has in Him all sorts of grace for His saints. He hath pardoning, quickening, strengthening, comforting and preserving grace. His mercy is rich mercy, abundant mercy, inexhaustible mercy, sure mercy. A man's riches are his glory; God glories in His mercy; it is His delight, He rests in it; and so may we, because there is an infinite inconceivable fullness of it in Him." —John Hill, from Spurgeon's The Treasury of David

There is hope for America if we return to Him—infinitely inconceivable is He!

Thank God now for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's courage, "I call upon Muslim leaders to call out and denounce these murders, these terrorists. Decrying violence isn't enough, we must make clear, Muslim leaders must make clear, these individuals are not going to enjoy the afterlife, they're not going to be martyrs, but rather they're going to hell.

America is looking for Gideons and Rahab the Harlots to stand.

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