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Michael Brown

The Rabbi and the Duck Hunter

Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley is claiming that homosexuality is not a moral sin but rather akin to the prohibition of lighting fire on the Sabbath or eating bread on Passover. Dr. Michael Brown shines a light on that belief. read more

Michael Brown

Shall We Burn One Another at the Stake?

A mindset similar to the one that led the Reformers to persecute the Anabaptists is operative today among those calling for a "collective war" against charismatics. Dr. Michael Brown calls for humility. read more

Michael Brown

Time to Stand Up to Gay Censors

Since we all agree, as followers of Jesus, that bullying is wrong, it's time we stand up to the gay bullies who are trying to put us in the closet and take away our freedoms of speech, conscience and religion. read more

Michael Brown

Spirit and Truth, Right Brain and Left Brain

Can you really have an accurate understanding of the Word without acknowledging the Spirit's power for our day? And can you really walk in the fullness of the Spirit without being grounded in the Word? read more

Michael Brown

A Great Big Blind Spot

Many charismatics are shaking their heads, wondering how a leader of John MacArthur's caliber could make such extreme statements about the movement. Dr. Michael Brown offers insight in a new book. read more

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela: Sinner or Saint?

World leaders and cultural commentators are offering very different pictures of the late Nelson Mandela. Was he a man of violence or an international statesman? Dr. Michael Brown offers his perspective. read more

Michael Brown

10 More Quotes to Set Your Heart Ablaze

Michael Brown shares 10 more of his all-time favorite quotes, which he says will set your heart ablaze. Check out impactful quips from the likes of Leonard Ravenhill, Brother Andrew and others. read more

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