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Alan Chambers

6 Lessons From the Collapse of Exodus International

While secular media is celebrating the demise of Exodus International, Jesus continues to save, transform and liberate homosexuals all around the world. Michael Brown gives six important lessons we can learn from the ministry's closing. read more

father and son fishing

A Sobering Lesson for Fathers

Michael Brown shares an illustration that has stuck with him since he became a father more than 35 years ago and explains how dads can celebrate every Father's Day without regret. read more

Michael Brown

The Great Sin of Trying to Make the Gospel Palatable

One of the greatest failures of the contemporary church of America is our attempt to make the gospel of Jesus palatable to lost sinners—our effort to take away its offense, remove its reproach, water down its contents and explain away its standards. read more

Michael Brown

A Hebrew Insight That Breaks the Yoke

One of the favorite sayings of charismatics and Pentecostals is that "the anointing breaks the yoke," and while it is a true statement, it's actually based on a mistranslation of the Bible. Michael Brown explains. read more

Muslims against terrorism

Is Radical Islam Normative Islam?

Michael Brown is sometimes criticized for using the term "radical Islam" when describing acts of Islamic terror, the argument being that this is really normative Islam. After the London terror attack on a soldier, could this criticism be valid? read more

Kate Hunt

Immorality Is Trending

The America that increasingly deems homosexual relationships to be morally acceptable is the same America that increasingly deems having children out of wedlock to be morally acceptable. And this is supposed to be a sign of progress? read more

Oklahoma tornado

Be Careful What You Call 'Divine Judgment'

Michael Brown warns Christians to be very careful about calling specific events, such as the recent Oklahoma tornadoes, God's "divine judgment." It is both dangerous and unwise to bear false witness about the Lord. read more


'Thank You, Mommy, for Killing Me!'

If the enemies of Planned Parenthood wanted to make the organization look bad, they could not done have a better job than the baby-killing corporation did for itself with its new slogan and ad campaign, Michael Brown says. read more

man yelling at computer

Shouldn't Grace Make Us Nice?

Michael Brown shares some of the Facebook posts and emails he's received over his hyper-grace columns. He calls it a "small torrent of anger, name-calling and judgmentalism—all in the name of grace." read more

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