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Dr. Michael Brown

Let the Separation Come

As painful as the division will be within churches, denominations, ministries and even families over the issue of homosexuality, it is absolutely necessary and unavoidable. read more


5 Truths About Same-Sex Attraction

Does having same-sex attractions mean you are in sin or under God's judgment? Or could it be, as some are claiming today, that God has blessed you with these attractions? read more

Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay, One Week Later

Just because left-wing "evangelicals" and liberal Christians claim the issues are not that simple doesn't mean that the rest of us have to be partners to this deception and error. read more

Michael Brown

The Hezekiah Syndrome

Later in life, Hezekiah made one of the most selfish, shortsighted statements recorded anywhere in the Bible. Michael Brown explains why we cannot afford to make the same tragic mistake he made. read more

Jars of Clay

The Shattering of Jars of Clay

Dan Haseltine, front-man for the popular Christian band Jars of Clay, took to Twitter announce his apparent support for same-sex "marriage." And for the life of him, he can't figure out a single good reason to oppose it. read more

praying to god

Were Ananias and Sapphira Believers?

Were Ananias and Sapphira believers who were judged by God because of their blatant sin? According to one prominent pastor, they were not, since things like this do not happen to believers in Jesus—to those under grace. What's the truth? read more

gay christians?

Some Honest Questions for Professing 'Gay Christians'

More and more people who identify as LGBT are professing to be devoted Christians, believing that the church has wrongly interpreted the Scriptures through the centuries. Dr. Michael Brown has four pointed questions for people who hold these beliefs. read more

Michael Brown

I Hate to Say I Told You So

For years, Dr. Michael Brown has been sounding the alarm about an impending social, cultural and spiritual crisis, and for years critics have compared him to Chicken Little. Ready to listen now? read more

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