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 Charles Manson talks during an interview August 25, 1989.

Charles Manson: The Making of a Monster

"The boy was obsessed with knives and guns and when he lost control of his anger his eyes blazed with an intensity that convinced her he was capable of injuring or even killing her."  read more
The man, who was given the name Adam at birth but goes by Ja Du, "said he's part of a growing 'transracial' community in which people are born one race, but identify with another."

Why Can't I Be Transracial?

If Bruce Jenner is a woman and Rachel Dolezal is black (remember that she, too, has her supporters), why can't a Caucasian American be a Filipino? read more
Pastor Carl Lentz

Carl Lentz, 'The View' and Abortion

To be perfectly honest, if I didn't know Pastor Lentz personally, my response would have been just as strong (and swift). It appeared that he dodged a very simple question, one that required a very simple answer. read more
People worship at a candlelight vigil in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

A Time to Mourn

Let's join them in their grief, as we appeal to our Father for mercy. There's nothing more important we can do. read more
Author Dan Brown

An Open Letter to Dan Brown

So, rather than revile you as a heretic and an anti-Christ figure, I reach out to you as a fellow-lover of truth, inviting you to have some genuine interaction. Why not lead the way? read more
German theologian Martin Luther's theses door is pictured during the 500th anniversary of the Reformation at the Castle Church in Wittenberg.

10 Theses for a New Reformation

Some old truths are rediscovered but other foundational teachings are forgotten; some scriptural emphases are recovered while basic gospel practices are abandoned.  read more
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