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Matt Barber

'Hail, Satan!': The New Pro-Choice Mantra?

What may have seemed, at the time, a glib bid to mock the peaceful Christians attending a pro-life rally has instead demonstrated to the world exactly from whom (or what) derives the revolting inhumanity that is all things pro-choice. read more

Matt Barber

Mock ‘Marriage’ and the Death of Freedom

After the Supreme Court rulings, what follows will be a deviant-sexual-behavior-based LGBT suspect minority class with all the associated trimmings. Bible-believing Christians will be treated as modern-day racists. So says Matt Barber. read more

Supreme Court justices

Supreme Court vs. Supreme Authority

The Supreme Court will soon release opinions on two landmark cases involving the redefinition of marriage, but Matt Barber says marriage belongs unto God, not unto Caesar. read more

Matt Barber

IRS-Gate: Join the Call for a Special Counsel

Can you imagine an alleged burglar investigating his own burglary, or a serial killer his own crimes? How far do you think those investigations would get? Join the call for special counsel to investigate the IRS. read more

Boy Scouts

RIP, Boy Scouts of America

What's next for the Boy Scouts? Will gay activists soon start insisting that "transgender boys" (girls who wish they were boys) be allowed to join as well? Liberty Counsel Action's Matt Barber expects this and more. read more

Kermit Gosnell

Kermit Gosnell Trial: Much Ado About Nothing

To pro-choicers, it's not that old Kermit did anything wrong; it's just that he got caught doing it. He was careless. He pulled back the curtain of "reproductive freedom" to reveal abortion's house of horrors. Will justice come? read more

same-sex marriage

Marriage Equality Spells Marriage Extinction

If the Supreme Court magically divines some constitutional right to "same-sex marriage," then full "marriage equality" necessarily demands that polygamous, incestuous and any other equally aberrant nuptial cocktail be likewise permitted. So says Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber. read more

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