Monster truck, fireworks and more at the 2024 Stronger Men's Conference

Driscoll, Lindell Megachurch Confrontation Sparks Controversy

In the Line of Fire

I arrived at my radio studio Monday to learn that social media sites were blowing up over the latest controversy involving Pastor Mark Driscoll. He had publicly called out the performance of a sword-swallowing acrobat as demonic without talking to the pastor first. The pastor, in turn, then called out Driscoll in midstream, shutting down […]

20 Reasons We’re Saying No to ‘4 More Years’

Here's the Deal

On the wall of my study, I have a letter from one legendary leader who had a major influence on my life, Chuck Colson. It hangs above an autographed picture from President Ronald Reagan. Colson was a champion in evangelical Christianity, founder of Prison Fellowship and former White House hatchet man before he converted to

Netanyahu speaking, a flag of Israel on each side.

How Will Israel Retaliate Against Iran?

In the Line of Fire

As expected, in retaliation for Israel’s killing of a top Iranian general and seven other senior military leaders on April 1, all of whom were suspected of having Israeli blood on their hands, Iran struck back on Saturday night, launching roughly 350 drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles on Israel. This marked the first time

Kool-Aid mascot with mic saying,

Larry Tomczak’s Week in Review: Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid in These 5 Areas

Here's the Deal

America is unraveling before our very eyes! As we are approaching the most important election in the history of America, we all need to demonstrate powerful discernment so we’re not gullible to the propaganda and lies that are bombarding us daily. Breaking News. Spirit-Filled Stories. Subscribe to Charisma on YouTube now! Biden. Broadcasting. Baby-killing. Backing

Rainbow flag and American flag

Why Biden Pointed America’s Attention Away From the Cross

Renewing America

William McKane (1921- 2004) was a Jewish, Hebrew and Hebraic studies specialist. The distinguished Old Testament scholar and former professor emeritus of Hebrew and Oriental languages at St. Andrews University noted in his “Proverbs Commentary”: There is a kind of person who turns Yahweh’s order upside down and who tries to draw others into his

Former President Donald Trump

Why Is Donald Trump So Hated?

In the Line of Fire

There is no neutrality when it comes to Donald Trump. He is arguably the most polarizing figure in America, if not in the world, and at the mention of his name, temperatures rise. To his loyal supporters, he is a courageous hero of superhuman proportions. To his fervent detractors, he is the incarnation of evil

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Warning: Hell Is for Haters

Here's the Deal

Imagine an America where people hated sin as much as they hated other people. Gathering with nearly 200 Christians and Jews for a solidarity event in Nashville, a leader suggested we change “anti-Semites” to “Jew haters” to drive home the seriousness of hatred. “Don’t mess with me about hate for Trump!” declared Nancy Pelosi. She’s

displaying showing three flags of Israel

The Hoax of Denying Replacement Theology

In the Line of Fire

In an April 4 article titled “The Hoax of Replacement Theology,” Gary DeMar claims that “The modern-day Israel-Church distinction is contrary to everything we find in the Bible,” by which he means that the nation of Israel, outside of Jesus, can be seen as “the people of God.” He also claims that “The Replacement Theology

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