Messianic Believer: It's Time to Rebuild Love and Unity in the Church

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"Build up, build up. Prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people" (Isa. 57:14 ).

This article is written more for the Messianic side of the family to reconnect with their Christian family in the Ekklesia/Church. However, it is also good for God's children from the nations to be more aware of the issues holding Jewish believers back from greater love and unity in John 17. So please be prayerful about what you are about to read, especially for the remnant of Israel (Jewish believers) to reconnect more fully in The One New Man (TONM).

As you read this leading up to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, please be prayerful about them as they focus on some delicate and sensitive issues we need to face to help bring greater love and reconciliation in God's family between the Messianic body and the Gentile church. I truly believe in this day that out of the judgments come God's heart to restore His body (His Holy Temple—see 1 Cor. 3:16-17) and make us ready for all that is coming.

Over the past six years, from the last Shemitah year to this current one, I have prepared The Romans 911 Project (R911) materials. A comprehensive study in the restoration and reformation in the Ekklesia/Church to help prepare us (His Bride) for His end-time plans and for the Lord's return.

Beloved, those of us who believe know the end of the story. We are victorious, those of us who tarry with Him until the end. The great questions now are, how do we get there, what will it take, and what has to happen between now and then for it to transpire?

I have spent most of my life as a believer, enveloped in this message of reconciling God's family to awaken the church into her great role to help bring spiritual life back to Israel. Here, I can tell you quite plainly that there is a roadmap, a blueprint from the heart of the Father for His family is to be reconnected in love and unity before He can send the fullness of His power upon us. I call this "God's Glory Plan," which is tied into John 17, once again coming into fruition.

After spending all this time in the depths of His heart to bring this message forward, I have been convinced that there must be a shift in how we interact with one another in the Ekklesia/church to bring an end to the separation and division which exists between us, especially between believing Jews and Gentiles. And secondly, we are called to expose the enemy in this area and take back the power he has stolen from us.

But the question I have for you, all those reading this article, is, do you believe this to be true? Is what I am saying about a pathway to the glory in John 17 going to come about through us, His body, helping Him to restore that oneness between us so that He can release the greater power and the end-time revival? I obviously believe this, which is why I have given my life, and my life's work to help bring this about. But the greater question is, do you believe this? Because if you do, just as I do, it will begin to change you and change the way you go about living your life for His glory to be shone to a lost and dying world.

Most of The R911 Project teachings focus on the Gentile side of the family, and the many obstacles preventing them from finding greater love and unity with us in His Messianic body. Not just Replacement Theology, anti-Semitism and all the negative emotions that go along with these, but also all of the residual influences that are still at play, reaping havoc in the body and the church and continuing separation and division between us. R911 touches on all of this and brings these issues to light.

We know up to this point that, generally speaking, the church has not adequately understood us (Messianic body—Jewish believers), and in the past, it has given us reason to be separate from them. However, this is beginning to change now with God's children from the nations going deeper into their understanding of Jewish roots and heritage, and in many places now developing a greater hunger for more.

I know this because I spend more time in the church than I do in the Messianic body, helping them get freer to understand the greater depths of this reconciliation, which is much more relational than previously thought. And it's not just about Jewish roots and heritage that many of us tend to be too focused upon without the deeper connections in the Spirit that the Father is now drawing our attention to at this time.

There is a greater balance here between our relationships with each other in TONM and Jewish roots, and love must pave the way! This reconnection is motivated by the Father's love for Yeshua/Jesus, Yeshua/Jesus' love for the Father, their love for us and our love for one another (see John 17). Isaiah cries, "Build up, build up!" (Isa. 57:14). And this is how we rebuild, with love and forgiveness blazing the trail.

So, what about us on the Messianic side of the family? What prevents us from developing greater love and unity with our Christian family and the Gentile Church? Would you allow me to touch on some of the more delicate and sensitive issues on the Messianic side of our family that are holding us back from greater love and unity with God's children from the nations?

I have already briefly touched on one of our first challenges when looking at this restoration, as many of us tend to focus on the topic of Jewish roots and Biblical calendars more than the heart of this connection that Yeshua/Jesus introduced at the cross and the resurrection in TONM (see Eph. 2:11-22). A love and a servitude that our founding apostles carried along with so many Jewish believers that established the Ekklesia/church. Additionally, some of us can be critical of the Gentile church that does recognize its roots and heritage.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Jewish roots and heritage, biblical calendars and our re-associations to the feasts are not good and wonderful things. But if this becomes the heart of our focus instead of the love and reconciliation in God's family to restore unity between us to release the greater power for Israel's salvation and the end-time harvest, then we have missed the mark!

And this position can cause many of us to become critical and judgmental of the church instead of beginning to recognize how the blindness was brought about and beginning to pray that the Lord removes and heals it so the church is able to see more clearly.

We will begin to pick up on these delicate issues in more detail in part two of this article. Stay tuned to for part two.

Author and speaker Grant Berry is the founder of Reconnecting Ministries and producer of The Romans 911 Project. Grant is a Messianic believer in Yeshua/Jesus and is promoting a message into the body of Messiah/Christ during these last days, known as "The Reconnection." The Reconnection is a term used to describe the reuniting and reconciliation of Jewish and Gentile believers and all races and tongues into John 17 love and unity in "The One New Man" now that Israel's awakening is upon us. The Romans 911 Project has been created to bring The Reconnection message to light, which has primarily been hidden in the mystery of Israel's restoration according to Romans 11:25-27. For more information and a special offer on The Romans 911 Project, please visit

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