Sean Feucht: Are the Left's Policies Satanic?

Sean Feucht (Charisma News archives)

This past week, I created quite a little stir. God TV took to social media to criticize me for reposting a tweet from Governor Ron DeSantis that they disagreed with, accusing me of being "blasphemous."

The post says, "Take a stand against the Left's schemes. Stand firm with the belt of truth buckled around your waist. You will face fire from flaming arrows, but the shield of faith will protect you."

God TV said, "Our battle is against Satan," to which I agree. But the Left is pushing policies that fall in step with the enemy's schemes to kill, steal and destroy. Satan has always worked to undermine God's design for humanity— it started in the Garden of Eden, and continues to this day. Satan hates everything of God's design, and is actively working to destroy it.

God TV apologized, and it was appreciated.

God's plan for marriage? Genesis 2:24. The Left is the party of same-sex marriage. God's plan for mankind? Genesis 5:2. The Left is pushing the transgender movement.

Even the tuition debt scheme the Biden administration cooked up has a direct biblical rebuke; Proverbs 22:26-27.

There is only one ideology pushing for abortion up until the moment of birth, only one ideology pushing to redefine the most basic and universally accepted facts of biology and only one ideology championing all natures of sexual deviance.

We, as believers, are on the frontlines of this spiritual war. Some of us are fighting the schemes of the devil in the political realm and are often accused of "Christian nationalism," a term lobbed by people threatened by Truth, who are working to weaken America from within.

You can have a kingdom mindset and still be a patriot. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Believers simply cannot retreat from the political realm and surrender it to the enemy.

The Left is unapologetic in pushing their humanistic and hedonistic agenda on our nation. Why should Christians be apologetic in standing firm in the Truth? Psalm 11:3 says, "When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" We are citizens of the kingdom of God, and we are American citizens. We have a responsibility as citizens of heaven to stand firmly for righteousness, and we have the privilege as citizens of America to do it in the public square.

The enemy and the Left both want to take us out of the fight. We saw how the left-wing governor in my own state exploited the COVID pandemic in an attempt to prevent believers from gathering and worshiping together. From that persecution, the 'Let Us Worship' movement was born.

We don't have to hide our light within the four walls of the church. We can step out and confront the demonic schemes being pushed through the schools, the media and the government. We can confront the devil and the Left. We don't have to be afraid.

Sean Feucht is a speaker, author, missionary, artist, activist and the founder of multiple worldwide movements including Let Us Worship, which has gathered believers across America to worship and pray for revival.

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