With End-Times Alliances Solidified, the Good Times Are Largely Behind Us

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Editor's Note: This is Part 2 of a two-part series. For Part 1, visit this link.

It's enormously alarming when a sober business journal such as The Economist slanders a national leader by referring to him as "delusional."

In referring to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the magazine goes further: Vladimir Putin "is driven by the dangerously delusional idea that he has an appointment with history."

The comment appeared in a Feb. 26 article titled: "Where will he stop?" "He seemingly covets all of the Ukraine, just as American and British intelligence reports claimed all along!" The magazine further points out that a continued Russian thrust into the hapless agricultural country can only result in one of two undesirable outcomes:

1. NATO and its allies can step into the fray and chase the Russians back into their home territory. But, with a deluded leader like Putin, this would surely provoke a nuclear response .... leading quickly to an early Armageddon.

2. The alternative is worldwide financial and trade sanctions. This would lead to a further integration of the communist continent, Russia and China, emerging as trade partners (along with their acolyte border states) and ceasing all trade with North America.

Thus, the country with the largest land mass would essentially combine with the country having the largest number of people (combined, just under two billion). Together, their land mass represents a bit over 10 million square miles. Both figures dwarf the comparative U.S. stats.

But these numbers alone merely suggest a possible negative result for the "outside world." Thanks to the efforts of the United Nations and other like-minded governmental agencies, the world has already become solidly integrated financially and productively through massive trade mechanisms. And, for the first time in history, the U.S. economy could be hurt badly in two ways by a blockade against the Communist coalition.

We not only have become dependent on China for strategic supplies of computer chips, for example, but Russia and China together supply large quantities of uranium and other strategic minerals/metals along with endless shiploads of cheaply produced consumer goods.

Even worse, and we can thank the Biden troops for this, our deficit spending, fueled by turning up the printing presses to full speed, has placed us in the uncomfortable spot of owing China a lot of money, which they have been lending to us at a prodigious rate. We produce paper, they produce hardware and now we are greatly in their debt.

So, here we are in a tough spot: Nuclear war or a financial disaster equal to the Great Depression.

Let's get back to our delusional communist leader. The Economist may describe what's going on in psychological terms, but we Christians know better. Putin has allowed a force greater than anything the world can produce to put us all in danger of annihilation (or worse).

The second obvious gambit at work here is the formation on Oct. 24, 1945, of 29 nations collectively creating the United Nations, based in the greatest economic and military power of that era. Thus was launched the satanic program for gaining control of the entire globe.

We're there now! We are one big trade, production and economic family. It's time for the supernatural one-world leader to step in and begin his devilish reign. You know the rest of the story.

Let's step back for a moment to look at my Charisma editorial of Feb.11, "It's No Longer a Guessing Game; End-Times Alliances are Forming."

The article made some predictions for a possible rapture of the church within a short time; possibly as early as 2025. This attracted some flack in personal circles, as well as some from the outside. I'm not crowing here; I'm just reporting on what seems obvious to me as I look about and read about world events and compare them to biblical accounts.

The additional confirmations of recently translated writings by the Essenes also serve to clarify matters. Check with me in about a year, if you can still afford a computer, and we'll chat some more!

Ron Dee Mallett studied business, journalism, economics and mass communications at Denver, Colorado (Boulder) and Stanford Universities as a Ford Fellow. An Air Force veteran and former news reporter for the Denver Post and others, he also worked 20 years as a corporate executive and consultant for IBM, ITT and other multinationals. He later served as director of Shekinah jail, prison, nursing home and Mexico outreaches based in Longmont, Colorado, and stays active in a men's intercession ministry called the SWAT Team (Spiritual Warfare Attack Team). At age 84, he remains an active columnist for Charisma and other media outlets.

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