Joe Picks Kamala: The Washington, D.C. Perspective

Democratic candidate for president former Vice President Joe Biden participates in We Decide: 2020 Election Membership Forum (REUTERS/Leah Mills)
In a predictable move, Joe Biden has chosen Indian American Kamala Harris, who grew up with a Hindu mother and a Baptist father, who left the family when she was 7. With Biden, a so-called Catholic, and Kamala raised Hindu—her Hindu name means "lotus flower"—all the bases are apparently covered.

And this should scare any believer into action.

From fighting to remove religious freedom protections for believers, to supporting infanticide to extend to a child already born, to government health insurance to the betrayal of Israel and more, the two could not be a worse combination. This toxic blend puts the Obama administration to shame with its unprecedented Marxist/communist platform, hostile to the church in every possible category.

When Biden was a senator, he was larger than life, but he was also a kind, deeply religious person who always had time for others.

I was working hard on protecting the Assyrian Christians of Iraq, and in direct contrast to Barack Obama—who was just a junior senator from Illinois, known best for his silence in hearings and for being mean—Joe Biden was a lion.

I would walk down the hall in the Senate and from afar, Biden would make the sign of the cross and say, "OK, OK; we will protect the Assyrian Christians of Iraq! Leave me alone! The Assyrian Christian area, right?" Then we would laugh and have a time of prayer together.

At the time, he had proposed what was called the "Biden Plan," which envisioned Iraq divided into three main areas—Shiastan, Sunnistan and Kurdistan—and after many discussions and prayers, he added Assyria to that plan.

As they watch him speak from his basement, most people don't know what a devoted family man Biden is. If you missed him after a hearing, there was one place you would be sure to find him (except for essential persons or meetings): at Union Station, commuting via Amtrak and heading home for the day.

Having lost his first wife and children to an accident and remarried, Biden went home nearly every night to spend time with his family in Delaware. And as a strong Catholic he took his faith seriously.

That is why it is so sad to watch him try to fit into a mold that is so diametrically opposed to what he really believes. Biden is really a good and honorable man trying to swim in a party and a world that no longer shares his values.

As a good Catholic, Biden has remained the same while his party has left not only God, but basic common sense. Sadly, the battle lines are drawn, and he has just announced, "We won't just build this nation—we'll transform it," echoing the words of his mentor, the previous president. Days before he assumed office, Obama said, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America."

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God" (Rom. 12:2).

Biden's meaning of "transform" is not the "transformation" of Paul in his letter to the Romans but is based on the removal of the history of godly men and women who left persecution, arrived in America and established a nation. And that nation was based on the Lord Jesus Christ, who fundamentally transformed the world and established a nation where the love of God would be the center.

Simply put, Biden's transformation represents the removal of God from American history.

As planned and expressed by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and so many others, this will be a communist, godless society where the elite rule. In just 98 days, America's choice of a president will affect not only the U.S. itself but the nearly 140,000 American missionaries spreading the love of Jesus Christ to the world. They can only serve as they do because a strong, godly America stands behind them.

Ours is an America that stands guard for the nearly 2 billion Christians around the world as the only nation on earth with an ambassador for international religious freedom, whose job is to get on the next plane whenever a Christian is harmed anywhere in the world.

Just under four years ago, another transformation began, led by an unlikely transformer who was elected by the people to dismantle the previous transformation and immediately began a process to restore the original godly ideals of America.

For nearly a half-century, believers have worked to accomplish a set of goals that have now been accomplished—from moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, to appointing new Supreme Court justices and judges, to removing the Johnson Amendment which had muzzled churches, to demanding the United Nations intervene to stop the persecution of Christians—and the godly transformation has been breathtaking.

Just as amazing, and viewed by many as an answer to prayer, has been the bringing into government of some of the most godly men and women in America. These range from Mike Pence, known as one of the most godly congressmen in Washington before he was chosen by the president; to Mike Pompeo, another well-known believer in Congress; to Larry Kudlow, a reformed alcoholic who came to Christ and had his life transformed; to Kayleigh McEnany, who recently gave the most moving testimony of coming to Christ through the ministry of Ravi Zacharias; to Betsy DeVos; to Ben Cardin; to Vince Haley, who writes Trump's speeches; to Ambassador for Religious Freedom Sam Brownback.

Surrendering to the mobs who have burned, rioted and terrorized America, Biden has completely surrendered his values, faith and worldview to a group of communists who are dedicated, in their own words, to transforming America to a communist state. As Charisma Media founder and CEO Stephen Strang, bestselling author of God, Trump and COVID-19, says, "his presidency is God's mercy to America since we deserve judgement."

As believers, we no longer have the option of standing on the sidelines as the gauntlet has been laid down and two transformations face us: one a godless, Marxist descent into evil, previewed by the chaos roiling the country embodied in professional, paid rioters burning, maiming and restarting cities across the country; and a continued godly restoration to the America that was founded 244 years ago with men and women on their knees.

Biden is not a bad man, but he is simply old and tired. Facing his fourth and final attempt to become president, he has surrendered to forces beyond his control and become a Trojan horse, which is why, if elected along with Harris, he would become the most dangerous president in our history.

Amir George is the author of Liberating Iraq and directs The World Helpline at

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