Why Hillary Clinton Might Try to Replace Biden in Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton (Reuters)
It looks like Joe Biden is a slam-dunk for this year's Democratic nominee for the presidential election. But is he?

Tom Ertl, who has served in many Christian ministries and political organizations, says maybe not. In fact, he wrote an article for News With Views about two months ago in which he proposed that Hillary Clinton may end up replacing Biden as Donald Trump's contender for president.

I invited Ertl onto my podcast today to talk about this interesting idea. He pointed to Biden's incoherent speeches and his lingering scandal with Burisma in the Ukraine. It's unlikely he will be much of an opponent to Trump.

"It's impossible for Joe to get through the rigors of a campaign against Trump, make it through the convention in Milwaukee without misspeaking every time he opens his mouth," Ertl says.

Ertl believes things at the highest level politically are already planned out. That's why the Democrats pushed Gov. Andrew Cuomo out as a late contender just to get Democrats to start thinking about the possibility of replacing Biden.

And although there are a lot of preplanned movements within the Democratic hierarchy, Ertl says there's also some fluidity. You can't predict everything. And yet he has a strong feeling he knows who the Democratic Party will choose to rally behind come November.

"Looking over the political landscape for the last 50 years and knowing Hillary Clinton—how she thinks and what her vision for life is—I've come up with the conclusion that it's going to be her," he says.

Ertl offers three reasons why he believes this. First, he says the Clintons control the Democratic National Party (DNC) and committee parties. Tom Perez is the chair of the DNC and, interestingly enough, was on Hillary's shortlist for vice presidential candidates. Their relationship is extremely tight.

Second, in her eyes, it's "her turn." When she ran against Barack Obama in 2008, Obama won the nomination by a close margin. In Ertl's perspective, the Democratic establishment had already determined that Obama would get it. So Hillary's turn would have to come soon. She thought it had come in 2016 when she ran against Trump, but again, she lost by a close margin. Now as 2020 approaches, she knows it's still her turn with the Democratic establishment.

The third reason Ertl offers for why Hillary will become the Democratic nominee is simply her ego.

"She's 72. She's going to be 73 like a week or two before the 2020 election. This is her last go of it," he says. "She had it in 2016—she won; she had 2.8 million more votes than Trump. She had it in her hands. But the victory slipped right out of her hands by a swing of 42,000 votes in three states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan."

To understand Hillary Clinton, Ertl says, you have to know she's obsessed with political power and has no moral or ethical limits of restraint for political ambition. Her dream is to become the first female president of the U.S., and she will do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

I encourage you to listen to my full conversation with Ertl, where he shares more compelling thoughts about Hillary potentially running against Trump again in 2020. As always, be sure to share this article with your friends.

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