How COVID-19 Has Irreversibly Changed Our Way of Life

(Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels)

Everything is changing.

Some things will return to normal. Certain businesses will return to the good ol' days.

Other things will be the same. Most things won't.

The virus has changed our life forever. Some things are irreversible.

We have learned new ways to do business and home life. Most of us never consider new things. We are creatures of habit. Both good habits and bad ones.

Until the virus we were doing what we've always done. We were about our business and doing it our way. Those days are long gone.

We are unlearning as much as we are learning.

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Every person has a story of how this virus has affected our lives, family and lifestyle. Many have experienced horror, fear, misery and some-temporary insanity.

Others are adjusting well. They are OK. Life is not ideal, but it's under control.

Some changes include:

—TeleDoc is here to stay.

—Zoom is on blast.

—Digital learning is booming.

—Online church is surging.

—Webinars are everywhere, every day.

—Private Facebook training is soaring.

—Netflix binge is normal.

These are only a few new things. I could list a dozen more.

How are you doing?

A friend experienced his first TeleDoc FaceTime call last week. It was all new. The doctor's office was not prepared. He jumped through loops to get to the doctor. A 15-minute health questionnaire was a big loop. The experience was unfamiliar to everyone.

The doctor connected one hour late. She apologized and discussed the newness and the unfamiliarity. Everyone suffered through the learning curve.

Doing new things is never easy, but it is often necessary.

Alice Walton said:

We've been immersed, for example, in unbidden—but extremely valuable—real-world experiments in the powers of technological connectedness: telemedicine and working from home. These things will probably "stick," to some degree, and make life better in lots of ways. We've also realized the extraordinary importance of preparation; we knew a pandemic would come around at some point, but we were still somehow largely unprepared.

At the office

Another friend suffered through two new Zoom meetings. No travel. No getting dressed. The shy members were just that-shy.

Overall, the meetings were successful. But very different. Using Zoom is a great experience. The camera zooms in on the person who is talking. The camera shifts to help the meeting feel real.

But it's not real. And it's all new.

Some new is OK. But all new (instantly) is a different story.

Too many changes

One change at a time is great. OK, we can take two. Since the virus, our changes have arrived in tens.

Changes include:



—Loss of job.

—Less money.


—Working from home.

—Fear of disease.

—No toilet paper.

—Learning new software.

—Coping with change.

On a recent podcast, a 50-year-old man from Australia shared the experience of never seeing empty shelves in the grocery store. This was an unfamiliar experience, and he did not enjoy the weirdness.

Another weirdness is being disconnected from family and friends. We have learned how dependent we are on being connected to one another.

This is positive.

Many are suffering severe emotional struggles from being quarantined.

We are learning the importance of connection and friendships. This is a good thing.

Connection is huge for emotional wellness.

More grim news.

Social distancing is new. Social distancing will be a part of our social fabric for years to come. America will practice self-distancing the entire year of 2020.

Social distancing is our new normal for public life in America and around the world.

New things and new ways are here to stay.

Jobs have changed forever. Companies are adapting alternative ways to do business.

Some families will choose a digital education for their kids. It is safe, reliable, less expensive and less strenuous on the family structure.

For some, structured office hours are a thing of the past.

In this age, we will manage outcomes and not people. The good ol' days are no longer.

Thank God you lived through them. New is good. We are developing as a people and a nation.

The unfamiliar things and new methods must be embraced.

There is one thing to remember: Irreversible change is here to stay.

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