How the Coronavirus Uncovered Some Ugly Prejudice in the U.S.

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The chatter of the coronavirus is endless. We could watch the news 24 hours a day and new news just keeps coming.

The virus is not prejudiced. The virus chooses all races, all colors and has no religious prejudice either. How the church responds to the virus has been interesting. It has also been interesting to read how nonbelievers or naysayers have responded to the church.

Christians are "on blast" for their faith. And the church is taking its normal share of hits. I wonder why we can single out Christians and blast their faith without being called prejudiced. Just a thought.

Some headlines include: "The church is closed and who cares?" and "It is time for pastors to lose their jobs."

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May I remind us that pastors and Christians are people. Are we not to care about people regardless of their religious preference and their career? Yes. Unless you are a Christian. If a Christian, then you are a bigot, and a scumbag.

This is not victim talk. Just real. Yes, I am saying it out loud. Maybe it can shift the narrative.

Check the Fruit

The same people who persecute believers are the ones who blast out, "Love your neighbor as yourself." "Do good to everyone." "Feed the hungry."

Remember, people: The church has employees. Real jobs for real people. They are unemployed too. They lost their jobs also.

If you dislike religion, I get it. But to neglect the Christian unemployed and then love the non-Christian plumber is wrong. Right?

Yes, we are called to love the least of the least, and greatest of the great. It seems easy to love the prostitute. They need love. Right? Why is it hard to love a Christian and the church?

Are we not called to love and care for everyone? Should we not love everyone despite their race, religion or occupation? Maybe we could learn something from the virus.

The virus is not prejudiced. Christians do not get a free pass from being infected.

Christians and the Virus

An Arkansas pastor and his wife (Mark and Dena Palenske) were struck with the deadly coronavirus. They are now warning others not to underestimate the danger of the virus.

"Our symptoms began with a headache, followed by intense body aches and lethargy. Beyond that we have had to deal with waves of chills, sweating and nausea."

Pastor Palenske noted that while some people might not take the social distancing advice seriously, for the sake of others they should try to practice it to keep infections low.

Pastor Palenske said, "I would love to have you take this medical threat more seriously." This is a great suggestion. We can all take personal responsibility for stopping the spread of the virus.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is fundamental in fighting against the spread of the virus. Everyone—yes, everyone—can make a difference by practicing social distancing.

Pastor Palenske said:

Please adhere to the social instructions that you are receiving locally and nationally. We must keep the affected population as low as possible. Our singular act of stubborn independence can have far-reaching effects on someone else's life. Respect and compassion for the surrounding people must dominate our self-discipline.

So true. Christian or non-Christian, the virus has no preference, and neither should we.

Let's care for all.

Love all.

And everyone will win.

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