How to Have Your Own Open-Heaven Encounters

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There were certain things that the ancients knew, who practiced walking in open heaven encounters, that I'd like to reveal. Don't you love the mysteries of God? One of the things that we all have to learn is that we must rest in the sanctification of our mind. What that means is, when you become born again, you have the mind of Christ. I know you don't think some godly things sometimes, but by faith, you have the mind of Christ, according to 1 Corinthians 2:16. Therefore, what you need to do every day is to sanctify your mind and tell yourself that you are a heavenly being stationed here on Earth, and that you want God to sanctify your mind, your heart and your thoughts so that what you think, what you say and what you do is from Him and is by faith. If you pray these prayers over yourself, you will begin to believe who you really are. Then when you are faced with situations, you will respond as who you really are.

The challenge I want to put before you is that you will step out in faith and begin to pray over your mind and begin to operate in the realms of heaven. Because what you're saying is, "It doesn't matter what I thought about or what I did. I'm going to believe that I'm really eternity in action walking, and so I'm going to pray these prayers. I'm going to decree these things, I'm going to declare this truth over my life." It is truth; it's not fact. Fact is, you had an ugly thought, but the truth of the matter is that you can wash it in the Word of God. If you will begin to transform your mind with the truth of who you are, you will begin to operate in the realm of the open heaven. Every day meditations lead to manifestations. I want you to say, "Meditation leads to manifestation." But make no mistake, the meditation that I'm talking about is meditation that means to repeat the Word of God being spoken over you on a continual basis, declaring it to yourself, speaking it to yourself, believing it for yourself, which then produces a manifestation or an action.

So, when you sit down to pray, and you ask God to sanctify your mind—and believe me, you can ask Him that because you're brand new, holy and righteous on the inside—He wants your mind to be an operation of what's going on in your spirit man. When you pray these prayers, once you're done praying, ask God to show you some things. They'll be holy and righteous and good, and you'll be on your way for a manifestation that day! You see, most of the time we don't tap into heaven because our mind is so full of garbage all the time, and we think to ourselves: How am I ever going to get to Heaven when I've got all this garbage? And I don't mean heaven as an eternal place, but I just mean the heavenly peace of God in this moment, and the ability for God to be able to use you in this moment, here on Earth.

You may be thinking, My God, it can't possibly happen because my head is so full of garbage. I have ruminating thoughts all the time that are depressive, anxious, overwhelming; life is too much for me. However, if you pray that prayer first thing in the morning and continually throughout the day, all of a sudden, you'll begin to believe yourself that you don't have the problems you thought you did and you'll start walking in the open heaven and then other people will begin to notice. So, when you pray the prayer and begin to allow God to show you what your next manifestation or action is, something incredible happens, which is that you begin to operate in it!

Let us now pray for sight in this place, as we are going to pray for the ability to be able to believe God that you have the mind of Christ and that your mind can be sanctified. God wants you to see the things that God wants you to see, and that you are not held back by the devil, his lies or your last ungodly thought. The enemy wants to stop you from stepping into an open heaven! He knows you're already open-heaven material; he knows you are eternity in action. He already knows you're all these things. But you haven't caught up with what he knows about you, so he likes to throw you these darts and tell you that you're not who you say you are. That way, he will shut you down and the open heaven won't be able to operate because you won't have the faith to believe who you are in the moment.

I urge you to cut off the devil by saying, "I got your game, devil, and you want to shut me down, so you're going to tell me things that aren't truth about myself and make me hang on to that all day long, and then I won't be able to walk in the power of God or the open heaven that God asked me to walk in. He made me a portal for heaven, but I can't walk in it because I'm too wounded, because you got ahold of me!" When you pray, sanctify your mind and ask God to show you what that next thing is, I'm telling you, He's going to show you something beautiful! He's going to tell you to get up and go talk to your husband after you got in a fight with him. He's going to tell you to speak nicely to your wife and children! God is going to tell you to get up and go bless someone, even someone you don't like. I hope you get what I am saying here. It takes faith to overcome the lies of the enemy and walk like you're in a gateway portal to heaven.

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This is an excerpt from Dr. Candice Smithyman new book Releasing Heaven: Creating a Supernatural Environment through Heavenly Encounters, released Feb. 18, 2020, by Destiny Image Publishers.

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