Are False Prophets Hijacking Your Destiny?

(Photo by Jakub Kriz on Unsplash)
It can be hard launching a new church, so when my wife and I were invited to a service with other local leaders in the area, we were happy to attend.

If anything, I wanted to make connections and get insight on perfecting the destiny that God had for us. After we got to the service, we found out it was hosted by a professed prophet.

At the end of the service, the prophet called up all the leaders of churches to the front of the room. After he spoke for a little while, the prophet said that he didn't have time to prophesy to everyone, but he had a word for one leader. As the people listened intently, he pointed to me and my wife. I was a little taken back because I didn't know what he was going to say.

As he spoke, he began to use an authoritative voice as if it was God speaking through him. He said that the reason my church was not growing was because there was a family there that was a cancer to the church. He said that God would reveal who this family was and that if we removed it, the church would experience phenomenal growth. When he finished speaking, the crowd began to shout and clap as if the Lord had declared a breakthrough.

I was taken aback by the error of what he said because we didn't have any members yet in the church and it was obviously was a lie. I prayed to God and asked him why would the devil prophesy something to me that I knew was a lie.

God told me it wasn't to deceive me, but to deceive the others in attendance. As I was leaving the service, a woman approached me to comfort me that God would reveal the cancerous family and that my church would grow. I wondered to myself how many other leaders did this prophet give a false prophecy to that didn't know it was wrong.

Since that day, I have seen devils working tirelessly to speak false prophecies, words, and revelations through people in an effort to deceive and utterly destroy destinies.

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