Marilyn Hickey: This Is One of the Wisest Choices You Can Make

Marilyn Hickey (YouTube/Inspire Church)

The word of God gives you wisdom, but you must make wise choices. One of the wisest choices you can make is to feed your body with food that will fuel you, heal you, and maintain health.

Dr. Bob's Guide to Optimal Health and Dr. Bob's 1 Minute a Day to a Healthier You will guide you to make choices that will keep your body healthy and strong. Dr. Bob DeMaria offers advice on both foods that promote health and foods that will compromise function. Following healthy principles and Biblical principles will have a huge impact on your life.

Do you want to know secrets only God can tell you? Shawn Bolz travels the world to tell people how to hear from God and live a thriving life.

God Secrets by Shawn Bolz explains that prophecy is the mechanism of calling forth God's love on the earth. Prophesy causes people to feel like the truest version of themselves and helps us to see people through God's eyes. Everyone can have profound moments with God's heart for the world around them. Ask God to use you.

Do you want to look at your Bible in a way that is fresh, new, and engaging? Core 52: Bible IQ with Mark Moore is a 15-minute daily guide to build your Bible IQ in a year, which is key in helping you experience your Bible. Reading your Bible four days a week or more will liberate you and make you a better you. This book coaches you to have comfort and confidence in the Bible. It's a fast pass to get you where you want to go spiritually.

The God who created you spoke the Bible, and He'll speak to you so that as you read these pages, the message will always be new.

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