Does Donald Trump Align With the Biblical Sign of 7?

Donald Trump (Reuters)

Donald Trump was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old the day he became president of the United States in 2017 & Jewish year 5777. With the biblical significance of the numbers 7, 17, 70 and 777, many believers found this curiosity at least vaguely prophetic. And with his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Trump has certainly played a role in the unfolding prophetic restoration of Israel.

But what about those numbers: 7, 17, 70 and 777? Do they tell us anything more? Does the fact these numbers converged the day Trump became president have any particular meaning?

Circling Back to the End

Jonathan Cahn's 2019 book, The Oracle, demonstrates that with divinely orchestrated precision, events leading to the second coming of Christ are happening in the reverse order of New Testament events. Whereas the departure of Jesus from the earth preceded the destruction of Israel, in the end times, the restoration of Israel precedes the return of Christ. With the return of Israel, we are once again in days spoken of in the Bible. This full circle return to biblical times is key to understanding the sign of sevens.

Seven in the Bible

In the Bible, the number seven signifies perfect completion—including the completion of time cycles. The Biblical shemitah is a seven-year pattern, and the restorative year of Jubilee arrives after seven shemitahs. Seven is, as might be expected, noticeably prevalent in the end-times book of Revelation. As for 70, ancient Israel spent 70 years captive in Babylon. Daniel prophesied a period of "seventy sevens" preceding the coming of Christ (see Dan. 9:24-27). And biblical Israel reached its demise in A.D. 70 at the hands of the Romans.

Concerning 17, Noah's Ark came to rest after the flood on the "seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month" (Gen. 8:4). The biblical 7/17 (on the biblical civil calendar) is Nisan 17 and believed by many to be the date of many other prophetic biblical events—including the resurrection of Christ. The number 777 relates to the "days of Noah" in that Lamech, the father of Noah is recorded to have died five years before the flood at age 777. Jesus said the days of His return would be "like the days of Noah," connecting to the theme of a full circle return to biblical times (Matt. 24:37, Luke 17:26).

A.D. 7/7/70 and the Return of the Sevens

If seven denotes perfect completion in the Bible, and we are returning to biblically prophetic times, then it should be no surprise to see meaningful sevens reappearing. But does Trump turning 70, 7 and 7 the very day he became president connect to biblical times in a more specific way? A clue is the simple mathematical fact that the sum of one's birth date and the date A.D. 7/7/70 is the day one turns 70, 7 and 7.

In other words, six months, 14 days and 1946 years after A.D. 7/7/70 was the day Trump, born 6/14/1946, turned 70, 7 and 7. Again, simple math, but meaningful because of the significance of the two dates bridged by Trump's birth date. The latter date has obvious significance as the first day in office of President Trump. A prophetically named president ("the trump sounds on the Jubilee," see Lev. 25:9)—and a president who recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital exactly 70 years (on the Jewish calendar) after Israel was voted back into existence by the U.N. in 1947.

But what about A.D. 7/7/70? For starters, A.D. 7/7/70 overlapped with the ninth of Tammuz on the Jewish calendar. (We surmise this counting back from the A.D. 70 new moon of Tishri being Sept. 24.) The ninth of Tammuz is the date mentioned in Jeremiah 39:2 and 52:6-7 when Babylon breached the walls of Jerusalem, leading to the destruction of the first temple and the 70-year exile of Israel. A.D. 7/7/70 was the anniversary of that event. A.D. 7/7/70 was also a week before the A.D. 70 Roman breach of Jerusalem on the 17th of Tammuz, which led to the destruction of Israel and the second temple.

This means A.D. 7/7/70 was the beginning of New Testament Israel's last week in existence prior to the destruction of the nation and the second temple while also being the anniversary of the Old Testament fall of ancient Israel and the first temple. And six months, 14 days and 1946 years after A.D. 7/7/70, Trump, born 6/14/1946, became president of the United States at age 70, 7 and 7. This numerical bridge between A.D. 7/7/70 and Trump's inauguration connects the days of the biblical-times destruction of Israel and the days of the continuing end-times restoration of Israel. And whereas the A.D. 70 destruction of Israel followed the ascension of Christ, the modern restoration of Israel precedes His return.

Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and the Sign of Sevens

The first 7/7 of Donald Trump's presidency was 7/7/17. That day brought about a remarkable convergence of 7, 17, 70 and 777 just as Trump's first day in office had. 7/7/17 was the 1947th anniversary of A.D. 7/7/70, with 2017 being the 70th year since 1947—the year the U.N. voted Israel back into existence. 7/7/17 was also the first time President Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin in person. Putin was exactly 777 months old the day of the 7/7/17/Jewish year 5777 meeting. 70 months and 7 days after 7/7/17 is 5/14/2023—the 75th anniversary of modern Israel—and the day Vladimir Putin reaches the 70, 7 and 7 age milestone. Putin's 70, 7 and 7 milestone day and Israel's 75th come 700 days after Trump's 75th.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping also factors into the sign of sevens. Like Putin, Jinping was in power at the time Trump became president and at the time of Trump's 2017 Jubilee recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Jinping was born on 6/15/53. Taking time zones into account, he was essentially born on Trump's 7th birthday. 717 months after Jinping's birth and Trump's seventh birthday was 3/14/13 in the U.S., Einstein's "Pi day" birthday. Jinping became China's president that very day. (The significance of Einstein and his 3/14 "Pi day" birthday will be explored in part 2.) Taking time zones into account, Jinping will reach 70, 7 and 7 on the seventh anniversary of Trump assuming the presidency. Trump would be 77 years, 7 months, 7 days old the same day.

Next time in part two of "Trump and The Sign of Sevens," discover the incredible prophetic pattern linking Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and Donald Trump. Also revealed will be the prophetic matrix connecting Trump to Israel's founding Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, longest serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Albert Einstein. Part two will conclude with the amazing message revealed within Billy Graham's sign of sevens role.

Andy Rogers is a provider and coordinator of vocational and recreational services for adults with mental disabilities. He enjoys discovering and sharing the divine and prophetic orchestration behind historic and current events. Andy lives in Arizona with his wife the amazing artist Sara Rogers.

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