A Jewish man, covered in a prayer shawl, prays in the Jewish settler outpost of Amona in the West Bank December
A Jewish man, covered in a prayer shawl, prays in the Jewish settler outpost of Amona in the West Bank December. ( REUTERS/Baz Ratner)

The United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, passed on Dec. 23, 2016 has serious consequences for the nation of Israel and for the safety of the world.

The entire document is fundamentally flawed and historically inaccurate on many levels.

The first problem with the document is the basic presupposition that Israel has been "the occupying Power" of "Palestinian Territory since 1967."

The very concept of Palestinian Territory is flawed and historically inaccurate.

There has never been a Palestinian people group, and they do not exist now. The very origin of the word "Palestine" and its use in ancient writings will clarify the matter.

Ancient Egyptians and the ancient Hebrew language referred to the people living north and east of Egypt along the Mediterranean Coast as the "Peleshet." The word means "migratory." The historian Herodotus used the Greek form of the word, "PalaistinÃ" when referring to the same region in the 5th century B.C.

The Roman Emperor Hadrian (A.D. 117 to A.D. 138) responded to attacks by Jewish guerilla forces in Judah by forbidding circumcision, the reading of the Torah and meetings in the synagogues.

He changed the name of the city Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina and built a temple to the god Jupiter on the site of the second Jewish Temple. Aelia was his middle name and Capitolina was in honor and reverence to the god Capitolina Jupiter.

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After the defeat of the Shimon Bar Kokhba and his Jewish forces in A.D. 135, Emperor Hadrian renamed the nation Judah to Syria Palestina.

During the Ottoman Empire, the land south of Syria, which included Jordan and Israel, was predominantly referred to as Southern Syria, although many called it Palestine.

It was not until the British Mandate of 1922 that the land was officially named Palestine.

From Emperor Hadrian until the Israel's War of Independence in 1948, Palestinian people were Jewish, and Palestinian territory was the former nation of Israel.

The Arab people were never referred to as Palestinian. They called themselves "Filastin," or in the biblical literature, "Philistine."

The United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 demands Israel "to abide scrupulously by its legal obligations and responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, of 12 August 1949, and recalling the advisory opinion rendered on 9 July 2004 by the International Court of Justice ..."

How can it be that Israel is the "occupying Power" in a territory that has been their homeland for over 3,000 years?

God made a covenant with Abraham giving his descendants the territory south of Lebanon to Eilat and from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Euphrates, around 1870 B.C. Joshua led Israel in possessing the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in 1406 B.C.

Although there have been many years in which Israel was a vassal state of the Assyrian, Babylonian, Mede and Persian, Greek and Roman empires, it remained the homeland of the Jewish people.

The diaspora of the Jewish people following the defeat by Rome in A.D. 135, and the name change by Emperor Hadrian did not change the fact that Israel was still the homeland of the Jewish people.

Their victory in the War of Independence in 1948 made way for the rebirth of the nation of Israel and affirmed the ancient homeland of the Jewish people.

The Six-Day War of June 1967 reaffirmed a portion of her ancient borders and established the ancient city of Jerusalem as the rightful capitol city of Israel.

The entire concept of the Jewish people being an "occupying Power" in the "Palestinian Territory since 1967" and violating the Geneva Convention is an historical rewrite rooted in anti-Semitism rhetoric and the denial of Eretz Israel.

The Treaty of Versailles guaranteed the Jewish people could return to their homeland and reestablish the nation of Israel.

January 1919, a month before the opening of the Treaty conference, King Feisal, of the newly formed nation Iraq, agreed to call for 'the closest possible collaboration." Included in that statement was the agreement for the Arabs to cooperate and assist in the developing a homeland for the Jews in Palestine, and the Jews would assist the Arabs in developing their natural resources. In March 1919, King Feisal wrote to Felix Frankfurter, of the American delegation, "Our deputation here in Paris is fully acquainted with the proposals submitted yesterday by the Zionist Organization ... we regard them as moderate and proper ... We will wish the Jews a hearty welcome home."

In June 1922, both Houses of Congress passed a bill recognizing and confirming the Balfour Agreement and that part of the Treaty of Versailles granting a homeland to the Jews.

On July 24, 1922, the League of Nations passed a mandate for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

The British Mandate would not allow the Jewish people returning to their homeland to defend themselves against terrorist attacks from the Arabs. Their War of Independence was not an aggression on the part of the Jewish people. It was to defend themselves from Arab aggression and to defend their right to live in their homeland and to establish their national government, as guaranteed in the Treaty of Versailles.

The Six-Day War in June of 1967 was not Israel invading and attacking its neighbors. It was Jordan, Syria and Egypt amassing an army of 465,000 soldiers; 2,880 tanks and 810 aircraft on the borders of Israel, preparing to invade and attack the cities and towns of the Jewish people.

Oct. 6, 1973 was a solemn day in the city of Jerusalem and the young nation of Israel. It was, after all, Yom Kippur, the most revered and holy day of the Jewish year.

While the people fasting, reflecting and meditating on redemption and divine compassion, several of Israel's government leaders were concerned with another grave matter.

Seventy-five-year-old Golda Meir was awakened at 4:00 AM by a telephone call, as was Defense Minister Moshe Dayan a few moments later. Two and a half hours after that telephone call, Golda Meir telephoned U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Keating: "We know for certain Egypt and Syria are about to attack."

Egypt was prepared to cross the Suez Canal and established a stronghold in the Sinai, and Syria was building an army on Israel's border to take control of the Golan Heights. This was not an act of aggression by Israel. Again, they were in defense of their homeland against aggressors with the full intent of driving Israel into the sea, which has been the stated intent of the Arabs time and again.

That has not changed. Although the PLO has repeatedly vowed to amend its charter, the adopted constitution of the Palestine National Council (PNC) and the PLO Charter still states,

Article 19: The partition of Palestine [by the U.N.] in 1947 and the establishment of Israel is fundamentally null and void, whatever time has elapsed ...

Article 21: The Palestinian Arab people, in expressing itself through the armed Palestinian revolution, rejects every solution that is substitute for a complete liberation of Palestine ...

Article 22: Since the liberation of Palestine will liquidate the Zionist and imperialist presence ...

What other civilized democratic nation is denied the right to live in its homeland and to make settlements in its homeland?

Yet, the only democratic nation in the Middle East must defend itself against a constant barrage of missiles from its neighbors.

the people of Israel have been attacked time and again by armies seeking to invade their land and to destroy their very existence. All the while, they are the ones accused of being an "occupying Power" in violation of "its legal obligations and responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War."

How is that possible when they are simply defending themselves from aggression against their homeland? It is possible because the United Nations Security Council and the Arab nations refuse to accept Eretz Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people and their right to exist as a nation.

The entire concept of a two-state settlement of the West Bank is a political ploy right out of the Nazi playbook.

Does anyone remember Sudetenland, Lord Chamberlain and "peace in our time?"

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, appointed by the British in 1921, is the founding father of the PLO. He desired to connect his campaign to stop Zionism and rid Palestine of all moderate Arab leaders and the Jewish population to the powerful new political movement in Germany.

He approached the German consul in Jerusalem in 1933 and the Ba'thist leaders were the first to translate Mein Kampf from German. In October 1941, the Nazi government issued a formal communiqué in which it promised to help eliminate the Jewish National Home in Palestine.

The Grand Mufti flew to Berlin November 28, 1941 and met Hitler for the first time. He expressed his willingness to cooperate with Germany in every way. He based himself in Berlin from 1942-1944, working feverishly with Eichmann and Himmler in the development and execution of the Final Solution.

Adolph Hitler desperately wanted Czechoslovakia because of its strategic location in the heart of Europe. However, it fielded one of the strongest armies in all of Europe, so the German leader developed a campaign to take it by political means.

The people who lived in Sudetenland were predominately German, Hitler claimed. These three million Germans deserve the right of self-determination. He funded the organizing of a new Sudeten political leadership and backed the establishment of the Sudeten Free Corp, a Sudeten liberation movement.

As he continued his campaign for the liberation of Sudetenland, Hitler occasionally demanded the reunification with Germany.

Occasional terrorist acts were organized claiming to be retaliation for Czech aggression against the Sudeten Germans.

The pressure upon the European governments worked quickly and on September 28, 1938 a peace accord was signed with Hitler. It gave him Sudetenland for peace in Europe.

Lord Chamberlain announced to the leaders of Europe, "I believe it is peace in our time." March 15, 1939, a little less than six months later, the Nazi war machine rolled from Sudetenland into the remaining portion of Czechoslovakia, which had been Hitler's plan from the beginning.

The Trojan horse of the United Nations is the contrived Palestinian right to self-determination and the two-state solution. The true objective is not that which is painted in the press and strongly defended in Resolution 2334.

The objective is the complete destruction of Israel and obliteration of the Jewish people.

United Nations Resolution 2334 is a classic example of historical rewrite and disinformation, in an effort to fulfill a Luciferian plan to destroy God's Chosen People.

Every child of God must pray for peace in Jerusalem. Pray for the leaders of Israel and pray this resolution is nullified.

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